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I miss you, man.

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Pretty sure Twin Snakes dude meant if it mattered ethically, not legally.

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Can we still be friends?

Promise you'll write?

We'll miss you, Scoops. Keep fighting the good fight.

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Reading these eighteen-or-so pages of comments has left me drained, but I'm glad to see Giant Bomb continue to be a generally accepting, understanding, and respectful place in the midst of such an uncomfortable and messy situation.

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Jeff, you don't know it, but you and the stuff you do have helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. Your humor, insight, and personality are really something special. My condolences and love to you and yours.

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I'd love to join the Zul'jin guild. Someone with the ability to make that happen should add me: DynamiteKyle#1578.

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I'm up for a new GB guild! Someone get this shit poppin' off.

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I'm getting the same thing in Chrome and Safari on my Macbook.

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Really enjoyed reading and watching this. Outstanding content as usual from Patrick.