Games I Completed in 2010

My new years resolution for 2010 was to complete all games that I've never gotten around to completing, or even playing, while some were just games I felt like playing through again. I basically just picked out games from GameRanking's best of list and added my own games which I wanted to play. A lot of these games were sorta long games, such as the Final Fantasy games which I easily put 20 hours into each. From June until around November I was pretty much playing these games back to back, but I managed to stay sane by playing some recent titles I hadn't gotten around to playing like Mass Effect.
There were still a few games I missed out on (most notably Mario Galaxy, Okami and Metroid Prime) which I'll get around to playing in 2011, hopefully. My current 2011 list that I'm building has a lot of SNES and DS games in it.
So, here is my list of games I completed in 2010 (in order of completion) and what I thought of them.

List items