Watch your back! wait, what?

What do I use all this firepower on?!
So John and I finally got together to finish up the original doom, and I have to say... how anticlimactic was that?! Maybe it didn't help that I finished up Doom 2 first, but uhhh... what? They stock you up on like everything known to man (and a few things known to monkeys), and you're expecting to have this grand showdown of OH SHIT proportions and... nothing. In the final level, you fight a cyberdemon.....which was episode two's boss. Just one. Then you have to escape through a bunch of regular enemies.. that weren't hard at all. Then.... you find the exit and..... it's over? Lame.

Then there's episode 4, which is more or less a bonus expansion, but, that had ABSOLUTELY NO end battle. It was just like.. a bunch of regular levels. Huh. While I still thuroughly enjoy the original DOOM, it wasn't until beating them side by side just now that made me realize the second is a HELL of a lot better (har har, punz lolz).

I've never played Doom 3, but from what I've seen, it totally isn't classic DOOM, and more like FEAR or something. I want nothing to do with that honestly, but maybe I'll try it one of these days. I played Doom 64 a while back, by the way, and I wasn't a big fan of that at all, but maybe I'll give it another shot since I'm in that DOOMtastic mood lately. Who knows.

Check you guys later.

Communitizing and settling in

I'm not sure what it is, but ever since my shift on over to Giant Bomb I've felt right at home. Back when we all began our pilgrimage over to GameTrailers during the whole Jeff/GameSpot fiasco, I felt sorely out of place, like... it just wasn't right, you know? This time, I feel like everything is back to the way it used to be; the way it should be.


Along with this shift, I've also felt a sudden surge of interest in reading and commenting on more peoples blogs, as well as posting more of my own. I've been posting one every day since Giant Bomb launched... and that's unusual for me. I'm going to be pumping out a video blog soon, as I know one is long overdue, with perhaps a few changes in format (we'll see).

I haven't dabbled in the wiki side of the site too much, but I enjoy the fact that I can add images and make corrections/additions to anything on the fly. I added in the full original DOOM box art, for instance. That was pretty cool, and it also added it directly to my images (instantly too). Ease of use, speed, and convenience are what make this site... well, the bomb! lolz

Sting, the guitarist everyone dreams about battling.

Anyone see the leaked and rumored Guitar Hero World Tour set list? Thumbs up on a few of those choices (such as Toxicity from System of a Down), but the list doesn't look too believable for me. I mean, there's two gutiar battles in the game, and one is vs STING? Come on. Also, three Tool songs? I love Tool, but... would they really do that? I guess only time will tell. If you want to check out the rumored setlist, click here (and scroll up to the top).

As for what I've been playing? Nothing new to report, same stuff as before.

So, I'll catch you later guys. Peace.

Surfin' and stuff, dude.

I've been spending a lot of time over the past day or so checking out all this site has to offer, and I'm pretty impressed. The overall design makes annoying tasks such as adding images to your posts and creating lists as painless as it could ever possibly be, and I really appreciate that. I also enjoy the fact that you are free to view the entire user list at any time, making it easy to find if people you know have joined, or if you just want to shop around and read some random blogs of people you might have never met before. Cool stuff.

Play it on the PC.
Other than that, I went back to playing some more of the original DOOM today on the Xbox Live Arcade (Yeah I know I said I didn't want to play it on consoles, but I had to get off the PC earlier to let someone on). The XBLA release of that game is annoying, since it makes you play each individual episode of the game as a stand alone game. This doesn't sound like a problem at first, but considering that the chapters ramp up considerably in difficulty (especially the last one), starting off fresh with nothing but a pistol and whatever you can scrounge up in the immediate vicinity vs hordes of monsters... is less than fair. So, I've decided to hold off my conquest to finish DOOM until I have ample opportunity to do it on the PC.

Other than that, well, I guess I never told anyone that I managed to make some good progress on my Pac-Man Championship Edition score
I'm a Pac addict.
recently, bringing it from 356k to 406k. That kinda pissed me off though, because I needed about 700 measily points to make it into the top 100 on Xbox Live. Damn it! I'll keep pressing on though. When I set my mind to something, I do everything in my power to make it happen. As soon as I finish off DOOM I'll get back to doing that.

Have I been playing anything else, like modern games? Well, one really, for the most part, but that's about to end. I've been playing Call of Duty 4 with my bud ArtG, and every time I play that game, I just HATE it more and more. We play it just for something to do when we're chit-chatting, but man, it's like the worst shit ever. It's like... sometimes I can't even walk 2 steps from spawning before I get cheaply killed by something completely out of my control. Bah, I'm selling that shit.... again.

Well, thanks for reading. See you next time.

Lately I've been DOOMed.

Don't know what sparked it, but lately I've been playing a crap-heap of DOOM and DOOM 2 on the PC (the best versions by far)

That's a pretty sweet box right there, yo.
I've never actually managed to beat either game until last night. I made it to the final showdown in DOOM 2 and won (with some help from my buddy John). I have to say, from all I've played of both original games, DOOM 2 is by far more crazy, more intense, and overall I'd say more fun. A game that can make a person 10-15 years later go OH SHIT due to the sheer amount of... well doom they place upon you is saying something. Bosses from the first game become basically regular enemies in the second game, if you want me to put it into perspective. Then imagine opening a door and seeing a room FULL of these. Yeah, pants soiled... but AWESOME.
The original is a classic, though.

The only thing I can say is that I could never play the series on a controller anymore. For the most part, the only reason I was able to get by was due to the fluidity of keyboard and mouse controls, being able to strafe around and aim like a champ. When I play on a controller, it just feels a bit too limiting for me, and I underperform. Oh well, it was meant to be played on a PC, so that makes sense.

So what am I going to do next? Well, maybe I should finally hunker down and finish off the original bad boy. We'll see.

B-17 Bomber!

Hey, what's up everyone!

Leave a comment if I know you and you came over so I know who all is here and I can add you!

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