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KingBroly said:
"Homer said:
"KingBroly said:
"Hopefully for those 4 you'll be able to pull the ol 'save right here before choosing' and be able to get those achievements quickly."
Hopefully. I don't want to have to beat the game 4 times :o"
If only I could kill the fluffy bunny 4 times.  Hopefully there will be more than one.  And hopefully I can combine that achievement with sending a gift to a friend over Live."
Thats the cruelest thing I've ever heard on these forums, but it's also funny so I'll turn a blind eye to the pure evil of killing bunnies.
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Video Game: Cortez (TimeSplitters Future Perfect) and Barney and Alyx from Half-life.

Comics- Superman and The Green Arrow.

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Dovien said:
"I'm a fan of Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Half Life, GTA4, Bioshock...games like that. Now, somehow, despite how awesome this game looks, I'm not convinced. Is this worth my $60? I'll be buying Fable 2, GoW2, and maybe CoD:WaW as well, this year, and I don't know whether I should add this to my budget list as well, or not. The videos look cool, the gameplay looks okay, but I've never, NEVER heard of / played a Fallout game before this. I have no clue as to what the other games are like, I don't know the details about this ones story (I've picked up bits and pieces from the trailers, but nothing too in-depth), so I'd just like to know the opinions of those who have played the previous games: do you recommend this to someone who has never played Fallout before? What are your reasons?"

I think this game was designed to let people who hadn't played the Fallout games get into this game. It will be very different and I know this is why fans of the other too get pissed at the developers sometimes/all the time.

If you're a reviews sort of guy, wait for it to come out and read your prefered reviewer's opinions on it. Although being someone who likes the other games you've mentioned as well I'd advise you to buy this game.
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That has to be the best achievement list for a game I've ever seen. About 4 relate to actual story. Legendary.

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Neopezz said:
"I was confused at the beginning, but i stuck with it and now I like it.
Same Here. It turned out to be amazing play experience.
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Awesome - 10/10

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Okay I've heard of about two of the movies mentioned here, and I loved them both.

Mine's The Cat In The Hat. Empire gave it 1 star, it deserved 4 more.

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The demo was absolutely amazing. I only heard about this game at e3 and it looked pretty good, but after that I wasn't too fussed. After playing the demo though I really can't wait to play the full game. This has to be the best demo I've ever played on from XBLM, so I'm pretty sure I'll love the game.

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