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I made this video to cover from what I want from the new ME3 ending thats being worked on at Bioware, I got the inspirations for this new ending from ME2s suicide mission and the siege of denerim in Dragon Age Origins. I hope you guys enjoy the video :).

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Lol thats true, we need another game crash like the one in 1983 to give the industry a much needed kick in the ass.

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This is exactly why publishers wanna go digital so we cant prove that they are locking things out or cutting stuff off the disc and they wont have to lie and cover up this stuff anymore.

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Lets ignore the fact that Capcom is notorious for locking out character from the disk in fighting games and selling that as DLC, this is a new low for the company because just after the Bioware debacle they decide to release more DLC for the game, now I have more a issue with how this DLC is marketed, they keep saying this is the real ending of Assuras Wrath and it just makes it sound like the last 4 levels of the game were taken out for the sake of squeezing more money out of it, im not saying thats not the case but anything is possible with Capcom at this point, what im afraid of is that more and more of these greedy publishers are gonna start taking out ending or entire parts of the finished game just to sell it as DLC later on.

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Thanks man, I heard this is a great site along with Comic Vine.

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Nah, im just looking into gaming forums since all my friends are only obsessed with Halo all freaking day on Xfire and I need to get away from Halo CE after 3 years.

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