Lets Make a Toast To Ryan. Raise Your Glasses!

Screwdriver, simple, appropriate.

I struggle to call Ryan a colleague. My internship was so short I was practically gone before I even started. Nevertheless he was an inspiration. He was a talented host and simply a giant in this industry. Ryan has done nothing but inspire me as I drive closer and closer to cementing myself in this business.

During my internship he always yelled at me to maintain the constant flow of coffee and always appreciated me checking up on what sandwich he wanted before I went on lunch break.

Ryan was also incredibly supportive of me during my deployment to Afghanistan. We had several email conversations throughout my deployment and he even sent us dozens of hours worth of content from the site. With no Internet or TV that was very valuable to us.

So lets raise our glasses and have one for Ryan, the industry has lost one of its bests but we have to keep pushing forward.

I'm also glad to of captured his greatest moment on my phone:

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Posted by Morningstar

To Mr. Davies!

Posted by furiouscabbage

Here here! Ginger and whiskey will be sipped in his honor tonight.

Posted by Nictel

Pouring one out for him tonight!

Posted by mrfluke

real hope you get some official work with a gaming site steve,

your a class act :)

Posted by Wuddel

Hail the hilarious dead!

Posted by illegalnull

Cheers to Ryan, let's celebrate his life which positively affected so many other lives.

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Couldn't get any PBR.. but James Ready will have to do.

Posted by TheHumanDove

To Ryan Fucking Davis

Posted by ToxicFruit

Cheers Ryan Davis

Posted by StudioErebus

Ryan, you will be missed.

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Cheers, Ryan. Cheers.


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A fine single malt (Glenlivet Nadurra Triumph 18 yo) in honor of a fine gentleman's passing...

Cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh! We will miss you, Ryan Davis!

Posted by Tru3_Blu3
Ado, even in death. RIP, Davis.

Posted by Nictel
To Ryan

Posted by XenoNick

Cheers Ryan. Missing you so much already.

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Posted by Rustafur

I tweeted Brad earlier in the day to ask what would be appropriate to see Ryan off, he recommended bourbon, but Maker's Mark specifically. Luckily I happened to have a bottle of Marker's 46 that I was waiting for an appropriate time to finish off. Here's to you Ryan, you gave us all so much joy, thank you.

Posted by Deckard42

A good guy, he will definitely be missed.

Posted by bawalo

Don't think I should have too many bourbons for the night so here's me with a nearly empty glass.

To the memory of King Summerjam!

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Jeff was the name that brought me to Giant Bomb, but God DAMN if Ryan wasn't the one who kept me coming back. Cheers, mate.

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To Ryan.

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Posted by CandleJakk

Cheers Ryan!

Posted by Cerogravian

Spent the evening raising a various assortment of glasses of various whiskey to Ryan, just got home, saw this, realised it is now Tuesday in Sweden, and I'm struggling with this fact.

Tuesday evening will bring more toasts, confused looks and even more confused feelings, and hopefully a photo for this as well.

Posted by PacManFevaa

I just ran out and got a six pack of Stella and poured one out for him. I'll be raising a glass at midnight and trying not to cry as I say, "Hey everybody it's Tuesday."

Posted by Tomorrowman

You were a hero, man. I'll miss you.

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You were a hero, man. I'll miss you.

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You were a hero, man. I'll miss you.

Posted by GaspoweR

You are loved everywhere :) I just wish I have a time belt right about now...

Posted by GaspoweR

Ryan, you are loved everywhere :) I just wish I have a time belt right about now...

Thanks for the post, Steve.

Posted by HelicopterSpy

It takes a great man to take pride in wildly slanderous shirts aimed directly at him. Tonight, I break out the good stuff in your memory, Ryan.

Posted by TruthTellah

I may not be able to drink today, but I still raise my non-alcoholic glass to Ryan. I don't think I have fully accepted the loss yet, but the hole in the videos and Bombcasts to come will be a tribute to the amazing and entertaining impact he had on us all.

Ryan was acerbic in the sweetest way possible, and he will be sincerely missed by everyone who knew him.


Posted by dungbootle

I've just got some shitty miller but I am for sure toasting with the rest of you duders tonight. Rest in peace.

Posted by Captain_Insano


Posted by Undeadpool

This foam-free pour brought to you by Ryan Davis. Day 1 of my internship, the man himself taught me the technique of pouring the perfect beer, whether from tap, bottle or can. He also taught me the truth that the REAL antagonists of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom are the woman and the kid. Still reeling from all this.

Posted by LilMikeyDotCom

I never met Ryan Davis. I've never been on a phone call with him. I've never shared a beer or even been in the same city with the man. However he and his crew have keep me company, cheered me up, and filled lonely times for hundreds of hours over the past few years. Often, he was the only voice in my long 30+ hour car trips home and back. I would save up a bunch of Bombcast episodes before those trips and when those ran out, start over from the beginning of the Bombcast. Every week I would look forward to house-work and honey-dos because it meant I got to listen to Ryan the bombers.

Most of the time our relationship was one-way. I would listen to him. Sometimes he would review games. Sometimes he would be doing stupid shit in front of a green screen. Sometimes he would let me in on his attitudes on life, love and happiness. Sometimes he would tell me that a shitty Mexican soft drink was exactly as shitty as one would expect. Back-of-the-napkin says that I've spend along the lines of 400 hours listening and watching him and his fellow knuckleheads.

I want to turn that one-way relationship around just a little bit. Yes, you can count twitter followers, iTunes subscribers, and stream viewers and get the impression that you guys are really important. You know you are respected in your field and that your opinion carries more weight when it comes to gaming than just about any other. What you may not know is that, in spite of the single-direction relationship we have with you, you are our friends. You mean more to us than 'just another entertainment outlet'. We relate and empathize with you. Your loss is our loss. Today we are not subscribers, we are fellow mourners. Not to say what we are going through compares in any way to what you are going through; just that we are here for you and with you.

Ryan Davis will be missed by all of us. None more than Anna and few more than his fellow Bombcasters; but by all of us none-the-less.

RIP Ryan Davis.

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It's filled with water.

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Thank you for everything you did Ryan, you have been a wonderful friend even though we never formally met. Cheer duder.

Posted by hwy_61

RIP, Ryan Davis. I'm going to miss the fucking shit out of you.

Posted by EquitasInvictus

I know Ryan was a bourbon person, so I went out, bought some Eagle Rare, poured some out for him and proceeded to have some myself. RIP Ryan Davis!

Also I think I've warmed up to bourbon as my favorite type of whiskey.

Posted by big_jon
I'm going to really miss you Ryan.

Posted by TooWalrus

Ryan's been a voice in my earbuds for almost a decade. Like others have said, we've never met, but I've felt more respect and admiration for these guys than just about anyone else. Ryan and the others have been a huge influence on my life and god damn it, I'm going to miss him. Rest in peace.

Posted by Devil240Z

Still processing this all. Don't have any burbon but hopefully a bottle of mad dog 20\20 will do.

Posted by mlarrabee

You drank it on a livestream once. It seemed appropriate.

Posted by Red12b
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Here's to you Ryan. I'm going to miss you, feels like I lost a close friend.

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May it always be Monday where ever you are Ryan Davis... and possibly a Tuesday, and, if its a slow week, a Friday.

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