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Team PS4!

Also my PS3 essentially belongs to my niece now, so yeah... not that it would've changed this decision much though, otherwise!

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@ashkev said:

Why wasn't Dan Ryckert in the rumble?

He was, but he came in as Mideon and got eliminated pretty quickly. He also got beat up (kayfabe) by Alex prior to the event.

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He is fine, but I am by no means a fashion expert.

There is some merit to the "he looks like an anime background character" perspective, but I don't think any of the last two MCs particularly had any protagonistic flashiness to them. Actually even the Persona 2 and 1 MCs were relatively tame in appearance compared with their supporting cast.

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@belegorm: There'd be so much consensus on a discussion against ads though that it's almost not even worth discussing.

Now ads people actually click unironically? That's some next-level discussing.

@defe: Oops! I suspected the ad in particular to have been brought up here, but for some reason the Forums search function was acting up on me and I guess I was unable to dig far enough. At least I was able to kind of incite some tangential discussion on "ads people have actually clicked."

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Even after Urobutcher stops writing episodes for A/Z, the butchery still continues. Of course, all the sadism directed at Slaine hasn't stopped, etiher.

The strangest thing, though, is how Inaho really does not give about anything: command responsibility ("I didn't neglect to inform you. I deliberately didn't.") or even heroism ("I wasn't fighting for you in particular [...] If I don't fight, it puts me in danger too.")

I love this show. Inaho being upfront about self-preservation and not caring about anything above his paygrade is really refreshing for a protagonist of his type.


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@2headedninja: You're right, I hovered over it again and saw it was one of their redirects.

It's a little odd that Google Ads would shoot me an ad for a site I already subscribe to, though. I'll click it inevitably, and then I presume revenue will circulate. Isn't that almost... OH - COLLUSION!

Kind of creepy Google Ads are that on point, though. I mean there are other ad services that get kind of close, although the Facebook ads directed at me are kind of insulting.

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Today I actually stumbled upon an advertisement worth clicking.

I don't know when this started to be a thing, but I thought it was really cool to find an ad for something I actually like. Of course, I clicked it, and was directed to the last Bombcast page.

Then I tried to remember if there were any other ads I actually clicked out of interest in and I'm drawing blanks. I was wondering if anyone remembers actually clicking ads of something that genuinely drew interests in recent memory?

Most places I ended up visiting on the Internet aren't through ads but either heresay (social media, etc.) or me proactively searching for something on Google.

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I graduated with my bachelors in Electrical & Computer Engineering not too long ago but took a bunch of physics courses up to senior level Electromagnetism and y'all have my respect. My head still hurts thinking about it, but yeah -- physics is cool even though I can only handle so much physics as an engineer before I start going off like the ICP in Miracles. But hey, physicists, we can be friends!

@rorie said:

I got to Fourier transforms in my physics education before I NOPED out of it

True story, I almost didn't make it to graduation because of a hardcore Linear System and Signals professor who gave us the craziest Fourier transform problems during exams. One of the most stressful periods of my life before one of my most miraculously clutch moments of scoring just enough to finish my degree!

To answer some of your last two questions: we had mad physics labs, but they were not as report-crazy as the engineering ones I had to do. Engineering labs get really crazy with data collection and analysis. Also, I still don't regret being an engineer, as much as I continue to respect my physicist contemporaries out in the world. ;_;7

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The Fallout 3/NV floating skeletons that spazz out on the air or through the ground were always super freaky!

Also, I don't know if this counts, but I have a few hilarious "glitch-y" gifs:

Is this even real?

Also my personal favorite, one of the WWE 2kXX's in which a glitch causes the most amazing Dolph Ziggler sell ever (Alex tweeted this once and ever since I keep it handy!):

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I wonder if CBSi considered how many hits this site generates off of "NCP" queries alone when they decided to acquire this site!