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I was able to be a "Yes" for a few months after I got my B.Sc. but now that I've started my Masters on top of working basically full-time there are long stretches of days when I can't play video games, unfortunately.

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I only hope... Alexis will be able to continue his human zoo

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Hatsune Miku finally arrived in the U.S. to join the hologram gangsta party. Hail Mary!

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Really, though, kudos to whoever (Crypton, Sega, etc.) decided to book Hatsune Miku on Letterman. They ended up getting her to trend on social media and I think that's quite the achievement for something that has been super niche around these parts prior to her appearance. Granted, Hatsune Miku will likely continue to be niche, but I think this level of exposure alone is unprecedented among Hatsune Miku's western appearances.

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@demoskinos: Twitter wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, though! Actually I might've seen more people complain about "Sharing the World" (certainly not her best, but it apparently is supposed to be the theme of that "Miku Expo") over random people tweeting disbelief or other negative sentiments towards Hatsune Miku, but I digress! Haters gon' hate; Hatsune Miku don't care.

Also, it looks like Hatsune Miku ended up trending on U.S. facebook and twitter. I'm actually really impressed with Crypton Future Media for booking that Letterman appearance with her NYC and Los Angeles appearances coming up.

To think I saw a Project DIVA ad on a Seattle bus just over a year ago, too. She might be here to stay this time around!

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This isn't hardly, tangentially related to anime, but this just happened on David Letterman tonight... @demoskinos

Also I recently heard some Fate/Stay Night subs ended up replicating "People die if they are killed" with a tautology about the Archer class! I really need to get on top of F/SN again, though, for real.

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Aldnoah.Zero 12 ~ Wut

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I need to recover... excuse me while I get back to finishing the first Psycho-Pass series I've been forgetting to finish until now

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@finaldasa said:

Isn't there a wrestling based anime? I bet that's something he could easily get into.

Be careful what you wish for...

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Kinda surprised I didn't see any mention of Magical Witch Punie-Chan (Dai Mahou Touge) until now, but the protagonist basically just beats everyone up with some fancy wrestling tech to comedic ends.

Now... there is an anime about actual wrestling in the ring in which an idol tries her hand at wrestling called "Wanna be the Strongest in the World" but I still think Punie-Chan is cooler. Also, this particular wrestling anime is a little extreme on the fan service, so I dunno how that'd fly for Dan.

Also, Kill la Kill is pretty wrestling for something that doesn't actually contain wrestling!

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Team PS4!

Also my PS3 essentially belongs to my niece now, so yeah... not that it would've changed this decision much though, otherwise!

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@ashkev said:

Why wasn't Dan Ryckert in the rumble?

He was, but he came in as Mideon and got eliminated pretty quickly. He also got beat up (kayfabe) by Alex prior to the event.

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He is fine, but I am by no means a fashion expert.

There is some merit to the "he looks like an anime background character" perspective, but I don't think any of the last two MCs particularly had any protagonistic flashiness to them. Actually even the Persona 2 and 1 MCs were relatively tame in appearance compared with their supporting cast.