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No better way to celebrate than to stop buy your local Paris Baguette for your favorite non-Asian Asian pastries! I'm partial to anpan.

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Resident Evil wrecked me back in the day. I think it was my first proper horror experience.

Amnesia basically did/does that to me today. Never even made it through the infamous water monster.

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I'd like to contribute my favorite j-pop cover.

T-Tommy is still relevant... right?

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Oh, yeah, I didn't get that you were attempting to summarize the blog. That didn't come across very clearly to me.

Yeah, maybe I should've noted under the quote that I was summarizing Max's blog post for someone else, so I'll do that now. Thanks for calling me out on it so I was aware before my post could mislead others, though. I'll edit another note in. This isn't a thread I'd like to get caught being unreasonable in. Wouldn't want people to jump into conclusions out of my summary of Max's blog.

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That is an incredibly one sided view of the events. We know and like Max around these parts, sure, and as such we hope he didn't do anything wrong, but as of right now there's only 2 people involved in this that could actually know what happened and they say different things.

And in his blog Max very clearly says he isn't suing her for anything.

Perhaps I was being conservative on my use of quotation marks, but I was summarizing Max's blog as best as I could per request of the post I was replying too. Thus, the summary is mostly out of that blog post's perspective.

You are correct with your last statement, however; I guess I read the last part of that blog too quickly where he mentioned it was not within his intentions to sue for libel (while the lawyer presented it was within his options), so I'll edit a note there to make it more accurate to that post.

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Youtube spam.

I'd argue that there is some merit to the whole commentary on the original trailer for the new Assassin's Creed using a cover of a beloved Tears For Fears song, but it's understandable if that angle is not immediately present in context or lackthereof in the OP. I guess I'd concede to leave it to a mod's discretion in this case.

But really, as much as I don't hate on Lorde (I think she's pretty okay), I was really not okay with her cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

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@lovett01: Thank you. No one should have ever covered the original Tears for Fears classic.

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@video_game_king said:

Could you offer a brief summary of the controversy for those of us without the time to go to the blog and read about it?

EDIT 2: This is summary of http://blog.maxistentialism.com/post/91476212698/this-is-a-blog-post-thats-incredibly-confusing so the following account can be considered hearsay and by no means the definitive account regarding whether or not events discussed have transpired the way they did:

Basically Max Temkin had a very brief relationship just short of sex with this dorm neighbor chick in college, broke it up by giving potential love-interest the cold shoulder and ignoring her calls/texts/etc. -- fast forward to present day and she's now claiming that he "raped" her when apparently they only made out at the height of their relationship.

Max Temkin is apparently looking into suing for libel. (Sorry this is inaccurate, I overlooked one of the blog paragraphs in a speed read)

EDIT: He isn't going to sue, but he consulted a lawyer and a libel case/restraining order was mentioned as within the realm of possibilities.

But man, this is crazy. I have no idea what to think when it comes to potential scandals like this.

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There's a really huge anime fighter with visual novel elements similar to P4A that'll be coming stateside within the year called Under Night in-Birth that is apparently already a pretty popular arcade fighter in Japan.

It's actually getting released for Japanese PS3s on July 24th, so I'd definitely keep an eye out to see how that gets received over there as it's getting localized in the U.S. 2015.