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@crunchyflies: Have any description of the fighting game characters to go by? I actually can't even remember on command any other 2D fighter they had on a premium stream that wasn't super old school or one of the aforementioned, I feel like that's a rare sight even in premium.

EDIT: Right! I think they did play MUGEN once at the height-ish of Salty Bet.

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I hadn't even realized they covered a BlazBlue here, woah.

EDIT: Ah, it was '09, that's how long it has been, no wonder!

I was thinking Skullgirls, which was already mentioned too. And Persona 4 Arena.

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@equitasinvictus It does rewrite the ending in some respects, allowing you to continue play afterwords and removing the problem of the super-mutant follower. But it's still basically the same ending. It's dumb, but it didn't spoil the game for me.

Now that you're jogging my memory I do totally remember now. There is one aspect of that rewrite that made sense, and that was letting Fawkes solve everyone's problems. I was so cool with Fawkes other than that in vanilla Fallout 3... but his original excuse for not going in at the end was totally dumb. "You or our Brotherhood of Steel friend needs to die, my friend, even though everyone wins if I go in to do it since I'm unaffected by that stuff which could prevent any of us from dying because it's your destiny!"

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Wait, wasn't there already a survival difficulty in Fallout 3? I remember that among other things, it would only allow you to fast travel if you had enough potable water to make the trip, anyway.

I could've sworn that was only introduced in Fallout: New Vegas vanilla.

I only remember mods that did that for Fallout 3. Been several of years since, though.

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I love how they used a picture of pepper for the featured bit they have for this page in the front page.

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Favourite Part:

Coming across a "battle" between two lunatics dressed as superheroes/villains. Amongst all the absurdity of this quest I just happened upon by wandering the wastes, the best part was that I was somehow able to sweet-talk the villain out of being evil because I had chosen the "Lady Killer" perk much earlier on. Oh, and I got her armour too.

Oh my gosh I forgot about the random area encounters like that! Fallout is definitely a series I'd love to revisit, I've been thinking about replaying New Vegas for the longest time as well. I really hope Bethesda/Zenimax/Obisidan is gearing up to continue the series.

And wait, didn't Broken Steel basically rewrite the ending? That's kind of a big deal since that was definitely a point of contention around the time of its release.

Good stuff! Looking forward to reading more!

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Story of my life for the last few years! I'm basically two years behind in anime just about, and one of those years could be considered a sustained anime drought for me. My backlog is looking daunting!

To put it into perspective, Girls und Panzer was one of the last seasonal series I followed as it aired and since they delayed the last two-ish episodes of that late 2012-ish it took until I bought the Blu-Ray over the weekend for me to finish it up. Definitely got my money's worth, though, I love that show; it kinda fills all sorts of niches I'm into.

Oh and I just got all of Psycho-Pass on BD as well, that's definitely something I intended to get all caught up with when I get the time towards the end of the week and through the weekend.

I'll probably start checking in on anime series that are airing currently on my Crunchyroll soon-ish, too!

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@edgework: Thanks for the heads up; no need to be sorry about anything, either, it's definitely prudent and I actually appreciate not having to see people clutter the chat spamming stuff like the DOTA emote up to the character limit! Just wanted to double check if this was intended in this feedback thread. Thanks again!

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Yo, this might get me back into Pokémon. This is awesome stuff, and I'll definitely keep checking back!

EDIT: I hadn't realized this is something that has actively been in the works for the last few months, too! Great job committing to it this far, that's especially cool.

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I just wanted to make something clear: is the new inability to repeatedly type the same emote not a bug but a feature? I would think that it'd make sense from a flood control perspective, but I wanted to bring it up in this thread in case it was actually unintended.

(So for example I can't have whiteface come up multiple times by typing :imscared :imscared :imscared I'll only see one emote and the rest of it will be typed out:

So it'll appear something like this but in-line:

:imscared :imscared


Anything that's not direct repeats of the previous emote will show up in succession, however.