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Looks like Scoops... got out-scooped.

Oh man I thought this was going to be a Patrick QL. My pun attempt doesn't actually work right under this context! Oh well...

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@neocalypso: That must be for the Bungie.net one, everyone else is posting them for PSN I believe. (EDIT: Did the post I'm replying to get deleted?) But now that you mention it...


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Fallout: New Vegas with mods for me. You could ride around to Mojave Wasteland with a functional motorcycle.

I played it like 5 or so times over due to the replay value from mods, and I don't even think I explored every nook and cranny yet! (I swear I'll play Caesar's Legion route one day)

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Here's some good ol' Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commentary on the Aldnoah.Zero 3 post-credits: (SPOILERS!)

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Hold the presses! Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3 was the best third episode from Urobuchi I've seen since a certain someone went in over their head!


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Yo, why isn't "It's been a long road..." not even an option?!

But I digress, Rorie is the greatest for being able to commit and put up with are shenanigans and antics!

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There were two! Both Giant Bomb East and West represented, it was glorious. The best I've seen in a while!

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Great point on how awesome news doesn't garner as much coverage, if any. I definitely end up stumbling upon really cool things on news feeds from time to time, but coming across them always takes a lot of digging and for some reason all that awesome doesn't get spotlighted outside of the very rare gems that go viral over social media.

Deep down, I do want to share the sentiment that things will inevitably get better once this turn of bad happenings pass, but I feel like we've still got a long stretch of bad to go down before we'll be able to turn it around. Between the emergency meeting to be held with the UN Security Council coming up on the MH17 incident and a ground offensive unfolding in Gaza, this is where I'd go so far to say it'd take a miracle for things to suddenly get better.

On a somewhat(?!) lighter note, this may be completely out of context, but...

Honestly, I think we see miracles every day.

I couldn't help but think about a certain Insane Clown Posse classic after reading that.

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It's like tragedies compounded upon tragedies all over the world in recent days. What were the chances of everything transpiring like that, down to the 108 passengers who were top AIDS researchers?

Hopefully this recent trend of impossibly terrible moments gets balanced out by some miracles. I'm typically super pragmatic about world affairs, but I feel like we're overdue for a miracle now more than ever.