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I just want... more volcanoes.

Oh and Marshall Law is definitely coming back... right?

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Some of this didn't really need to be in spoiler tags. Like the parts describing how crazy the VN industry is over there by straight-up selling endings, I didn't know they were that bad about it! Kinda cruel!

EDIT: Weird, the WYSYWIG editor broke the spoiler tag in quotes, here.

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@elwoodan said:

I dunno he needs to be more animated when he streams, that whole performance was a little too chill, limp even.

I see what you did, there.

@csl316 said:

I love how all the staff tweets on the front page are SUPER excited about this.

Wasn't Alex tweeting about setting himself on fire? That's pretty hilarious though.

I'm actually interested in seeing how his streams hold up, I don't think I've listened to Limp Bizkit since... Wrestlemania 17.

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I was just looking it up since it was mentioned earlier in the thread and it looks like in previous years they had Hatsune Miku's music playing and only had videos up on those gigantic screens in the lobby area of the game. Kind of underwhelming, I expected her to actually be in the lobby in person?

Still, there are indeed unprecedented levels of anti-Miku sentiment here that needs to be addressed with some Hatsune Miku:

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@regularassmilk: Papa Johns was once offering a Cheeseburger Pizza around my town. It was the best worst thing ever and I wanted more... but then I found out they stopped offering it.

Now there's an empty void in my life where Cheeseburger Pizza once was that can never be filled.

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@dannyodwyer you once mentioned in Giant Bomb chat during your E3 interviews something along the likes of "pigeon boyfriends > Hatsune Miku," ARE YOU READY TO PAY THE PIPER?!

Once this comes West, you're kind of obligated to play Hatoful Boyfriend on a stream now!

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The original Rome: Total War is probably my all time favorite.

Crusader Kings 2 would come a close second and be my favorite in terms of grand strategy; also, Valkyria Chronicles would definitely be my all-time favorite console strategy game.

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Damn SEGA, doing stuff like this I would think both Hatsune Miku and Phantasy Star are in good hands...

...and then I remember how I'll never see a stateside PSO2 release even though you've hyped it all these years...

I don't even know if my JP PSO2 account is still around. I'd actually check this out, otherwise.

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Man, they went so far to put Celica in the covers of certain console editions of Chrono Phantasma and it took this long to put her as a fighter in the actual games.

Celica is the right-most lady in this cover.

Well, at least she's in now!

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@crunchyflies: Have any description of the fighting game characters to go by? I actually can't even remember on command any other 2D fighter they had on a premium stream that wasn't super old school or one of the aforementioned, I feel like that's a rare sight even in premium.

EDIT: Right! I think they did play MUGEN once at the height-ish of Salty Bet.