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"New hardware"? Huh.

Get ready for the iQue 2!

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I'm interested in how Nintendo will approach with their NFP figurines.

While it is easy to think the worse, keep in mind Nintendo's approach with DLC and microtransactions. At their worse with Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS), they are offering a $15 season pass for a $30 game that clearly details the additional courses and characters the DLC will give you in exchange for money. Rusty's Real Deal Baseball crafts a narrative around the free-to-play and microtransaction experience that engages the player and offers (pre-programmed) discounts. The Streetpass Plaza DLC has a slimy, humorous sales bunny that contextualizes the transaction. And for New Super Mario Bros 2, Nintendo has made it painfully clear that the DLC they made for that game was made after the main game was finished.

Given the above history, we have good reason to hope that Nintendo will make their NFP figurines a compelling and reasonable addition to their games.

Or they might just fuck it all up.

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The beta is winding down and I ground enough Online Co-Op Missions to unlock and purchase the F-15C (~70,000 credits). The core action is the Ace Combat I love, but that didn't stop me from worrying over the amount of grind the full release will have. It took about 5-8 hours to get my F-15C and that's with activating the contracts that boosts research and credit gains.

My biggest concern is the Fuel system, the game's energy/fatigue system that counts down and limits your flight time. I don't like fatigue systems in general, but the current allotment of 2 units (or 2 multiplayer or single player missions) for free is extremely limiting. It makes wish I could just Bandai Namco $60 to have the freedom of play and a more sensible pace to unlocking content.

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I don't recall the PS4 or XB1 being sold at a profit. Sure, the parts break down of the PS4 is estimated to be slightly less than its retail price, but there is R&D costs to consider for the next year or two.

As for Nintendo and the Wii U, having more games and better services would help it. Unfortunately, remedying the third-party problem (especially western third parties) requires time and money that is uncharacteristic of Nintendo spend. Arguably, paying EA and Rockstar to have Madden and Grand Theft Auto on the Wii U (or any Nintendo system) is probably not a financially sound investment. Personally, I think its a fifty-fifty chance of Nintendo wooing third parties back if they dump their war chest for them. As much as Nintendo is a frugal, conservative, and old business, so are a lot of third-party publishers.

As for online services, they are improving, alas at a glacial pace. I think a lot of the problems come from "Japan not knowing the internet" and Nintendo being an old, Japanese company (something Sony has moved away from with the PlayStation 4). It would be great if Nintendo hired a bunch of IT people under western direction to overhaul the Nintendo Network for the 3DS and Wii U. I just don't see that happening.

Nintendo is an old and ponderous company. It is slow to copy or follow and operates in its own bubble. Good and bad, that makes it a unique and interesting company that produces likewise products. Now, some of those products fall flat on their face, but that goes for every one. As frustrating as it is to see Nintendo be so slow and eccentric, it is what the company has built its successes and failures on.

An editorial on Nintendo described it as this: "Nintendo is a mountain, and the mountain does not move." I find that to be a perfect encapsulation of Nintendo's best and worst. Nintendo will not be going any where quickly. With the Wii U, I can imagine there is a contingency plan of a sub-25 million units sold life. Nintendo has the money and resources to try again. Nintendo, in the face of the culture of quarterly profits and success, can, has, and will wait.

The big question is: Can consumers and enthusiasts wait for Nintendo?
I can. I'm pessimistic on everyone else.

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Nice article!

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Also, I think the eShop-only Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is only $29.99? Link

Kinda nice.

Really impressed by the Super Mario 3D World trailer; makes me want to get a Wii U. It addressed some of my concerns on the ambitions and scope of the game from the E3 trailer.

Good choice on delaying Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Between Rayman Legends, Sonic Lost World, and Super Mario 3D World, there are plenty of platformers for the end of the year.

The Wii U line up still looks weak. The 3DS for the foreseeable future is looking nice.

Finally, yay! More Kibry!

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Money hats!

I was wondering when Apple would be handing them out for games.

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@grantheaslip: Hmm, "didn't mind" was the wrong choice of words for me. "Tried to ignore" would be more apt. I did get a 100% file for the game so I feel that I have played everything it had to offer for me. I sold it back because I doubt I will ever want to revisit it in the near future. Ultimately, I disagreed with most of the directions the story took and the game's story is a major, unique aspect.

@chrissedoff: Aw, don't hold a grudge; you never know when Nintendo will pleasantly surprise you. Then again, it appears that you have disagreed with the directions the company has taken for the past several years. I probably can't argue against that sentiment.

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@bisonhero: "Brawl also used the Star Fox Assault character designs for Wolf (and Falco and Fox, I think), and let me remind you that Star Fox Assault: ALSO NOT THE HIGH POINT OF ITS RESPECTIVE SERIES."

Star Fox: Command for the DS is the game the Brawl designs were based on. Fittingly, Star Fox: Command also had some really weird/bad melodrama in its narrative.

Nice write up.

I played through Metroid: Other M at the time it came out. I even watched the movie mode the whole way through. I didn't mind the game's flaws near the time of its release and even enjoyed some parts. However, the growing dissatisfaction with the game weeks after the release became my opinion and it became one of the few games I have sold back.

The simplified (compromised?) controls are an interesting exercise in doing much with little, but I don't see how they can grow to be a fun alternative to more traditional controls. I respect the story's attempt to add more character to Samus, but its execution was poor.

If there's one thing I like in Other M that I wouldn't mind seeing carried over it is the Dispersion Beam. Granted, turning a charged shot impact in to a wide-area explosion is crutch for the automated aiming, but I quite liked it.

Hopefully, Other M won't discourage Nintendo too much on Metroid's prospects. I would rather not wait eight years (2018) to play the next Metroid game.