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The fact Nintendo still doesnt use their vast back catalog to their advantage is such a mind bogglingly dumb thing

Given how sparse Virtual Console and Wii-on-Wii-U releases have been, that is an easy thing to say.

Sadly, I think the reality is more terrible as the few tidbits that have gone out there indicate that getting Virtual Console content out there is not the automatic process we assume it to be. I'm beginning to think that Virtual Console stuff actually requires a non-trivial amount of effort to pull off. Adding to that, Nintendo doesn't seem to have enough staff to go around to support Virtual Console in a way we would like.

And that's not getting in to rights issues with other parties over old games.

@aiurflux: Heh. On my good days, I like to think that Nintendo is used to marching to it's own pace. Sometimes that doesn't bother me as much.

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the launch of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U not necessarily having progressed well and not acquiring sufficient support from software publishers, we intend to offer NX through a Nintendo-like solution.

Doing away with any cynicism and snark that this is just a non-answer for shareholders to avoid the question or cover up a lack of a good plan, I have a few guesses on what Iwata may have in mind and in the works for NX.

Focusing on software, Nintendo has made various deals to bolster the weak software line ups. For the Wii U, they have contracted Koei Tecmo to make a Dynasty Warriors game featuring The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo is also lending the Fire Emblem series to Atlus to develop the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem game, Genei Inbun Roku #FE. While it didn't make it beyond an initial pitch, Nintendo had hoped that Criterion Games would make an F-Zero prototype around the start of the Wii U. This approach to have third-party publishers and developers make exclusive games with Nintendo characters for Nintendo systems.solves multiple problems for Nintendo. First, it fills out the release calendar. Second, it maintains relationships with those publishers and developers. Third, on the assumption that Nintendo is averse to paying for third-party content or exclusivity, this gives Nintendo third-party games that are sure to remain exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Fourth, it helps Nintendo in keeping its series and characters fresh in the mind of the audience (one of Hyrule Warriors' and Metroid Prime: Federation Force's goals is so Zelda and Metroid fans wouldn't go too long without a game in the respective universe, mixed results to say the least).

Another possible Nintendo-like solution is the use of third-party publishers and developers to assist in developing Nintendo games. Whether it's because of avoiding overhead or whatever, Nintendo has lacked the raw numbers in employees to develop games. This is where we see Nintendo having Bandai Namco develop Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo has also roped in Platinum Games to assist in Star Fox Zero. Much has been made of the sheer amount of studios Ubi Soft has to make their games. Nintendo may be using a modified Ubi Soft Studios strategy to help in developing their games. While Nintendo already has Intelligent Systems and Monolith Soft developing tools and technology for multiple Nintendo systems and games (seriously, Monolith Soft has been popping up in Skyward Sword, Animal Crossing New Leaf, etc.), Nintendo might more heavily rely on trusted third-party publishers and developers in assisting on future game development.

My final guess is that Nintendo will look on the success of Splatoon and Animal Crossing in giving all of its games longevity in the minds of the audience. Animal Crossing locks its progression behind days and months of real time. The Animal Crossing team has influenced Splatoon by locking various modes, maps, and weapons behind a slow schedule of "free updates" (Splatoon has already been data-mined and it has been discovered that there are maps and weapons yet to be unlocked on the disc). While I doubt we'll have a Super Mario game where each world is unlocked over 8 weeks, we may see multiplayer or minigame oriented games such as Splatoon and Nintendo Land have their content slowly unlocked by a master server. This tactic serves to give false sense of longevity to the specific game and possibly the platform.

As an aside, Nintendo might straight-up cut deals for exclusive third-party games. You see this with Platinum Games and The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. We will see this later in the coming years with Bandai Namco and Pokken Tournament (the Pokemon fighting game) and Project Treasure (the free-to-start dungeon looting game).

Hey! "Nintendo-like solution" doesn't have to be some crazy out-of-the-blue thing. It can just be really boring business deals!

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For Turf War, the more savage play is to have your team rush the bad guy's side as fast as possible to see if you can shut the bad guys down. While it depends on the map and your play style, the popular weapon choices are shooters with high rates of fire. Some of the maps don't seem to offer much in alternate lanes to offset a strong rival team with accurate shooters. If you find yourself fighting against a shut down play, do your best to break the line, sneak in to the other side, and hope a team mate decides to jump to you.

For Splat Zones (Ranked Battle), mid-to-long range shooters and chargers appear to be the top way to go. Close range shooters and rollers can get work done in some situations, but they seem to have so much trouble dealing with longer range shooters and chargers that have any sort of elevation over the Splat Zones. The key thought process to have in Splat Zones as opposed to other King-of-the-Hill modes is that you ink needs to be on the zone but your inkling doesn't have to be. You only need to cover a neutral zone with a certain amount of ink (feels like 75-90%) in to make your team's so it's okay to miss a few spots.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can Super Jump to team mates or back to your spawn point at any time. If you see a team mate that needs help in an area, you can go to them at anytime, anywhere. Or, if you're cornered or have a ink strike coming on top of your head, you can use a Super Jump to save your inkling if you are fast to tap in the jump.

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LBX hype!

As mentioned above, it seems we won't get a new Custom Robo anytime soon. If Level-5 is up to give me some anime mecha action, then I'm listening.

Important to note in case it is ever forgotten: Bandai Namco's Project Treasure is a free-to-play title. That should help calibrate expectations. Project Treasure's first game footage looks kinda junky, but also dumb enough to have me interested.

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"Think that game'll show any signs of all this supposed behind-the-scenes turmoil?"

If you think of Metal Gear Solid 4 as having allegorical aspects to Hideo Kojima's experience and thoughts on the video game industry and himself, then I'm sure we'll some stuff in The Phantom Pain that has lead to Kojima's rumored departure.

This is a crazy bit of news, but also one that is a long time coming. Konami has been letting go its console video game talent for years now. It wouldn't be long until Kojima felt the need to exit a company that doesn't value him as much as he would want.

An aside from Jeff's Metal Gear Solid review:

"To say that the length of the game is disappointing is generous at best. Even if you were to watch every single cutscene and fumble around a bit at the beginning while learning the controls, you would still finish the game in around 15 hours. Once you know exactly what to do and skip as much plot as possible, you can run through the game in three hours or less."

Ho, golly. It's really interesting to read old reviews.

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"Apple utopia~"

I'm excited. Maybe it's because I've already fallen down the mobage hole, but I'm eager to see what Nintendo and DeNA together do with games on smart devices. Also, it is a long overdue saving grace to have someone other than Nintendo work on their "membership service." Hopefully, the Nintendo Network ID will unfuck themselves a little bit before the year is over.

Lastly, I can't wait to see what's NX.

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Splatoon hype! Man, I have a dread in the back of my head that Nintendo will fuck up Splatoon in some Nintendo-esque fashion.

Why am I entertaining the idea of buying a Wii U?

Because, good and bad, it stands out as something special.

My take away from reading this article is that the big, great, and first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 4 have been few and far between and don't seem to improve too much looking at the year ahead. The Xbox One is ahead in this regard, but not by much. On the premise that console exclusives are why you buy a particular system, the PS4 and XB1 haven't done too much to distinguish themselves. There's good and bad to this, but I find it somewhat comforting that you aren't missing out on many games if you decide to have only one of the two systems.

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After the initial shock, I'm eager to see Netflix and Nintendo try. I would've loved an animated series, hand-drawn or full CG, but I'm open to an attempt at live action.

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I logged on and I don't seem to have my 730 coins anymore. Thanks Nintendo

Alas, they expire. Nintendo only desires engaged consumers for their soon-to-be-closed club.

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Club Nintendo for North America was never what Nintendo fans wanted (something that can be applied to all of Nintendo). But it still had some neat things available from time to time. I cherish the Pikmin tote bag and Hanafuda cards I got essentially for free. Also, I got a number of Virtual Console and eShop games that I didn't have the mind to purchase.