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"Think that game'll show any signs of all this supposed behind-the-scenes turmoil?"

If you think of Metal Gear Solid 4 as having allegorical aspects to Hideo Kojima's experience and thoughts on the video game industry and himself, then I'm sure we'll some stuff in The Phantom Pain that has lead to Kojima's rumored departure.

This is a crazy bit of news, but also one that is a long time coming. Konami has been letting go its console video game talent for years now. It wouldn't be long until Kojima felt the need to exit a company that doesn't value him as much as he would want.

An aside from Jeff's Metal Gear Solid review:

"To say that the length of the game is disappointing is generous at best. Even if you were to watch every single cutscene and fumble around a bit at the beginning while learning the controls, you would still finish the game in around 15 hours. Once you know exactly what to do and skip as much plot as possible, you can run through the game in three hours or less."

Ho, golly. It's really interesting to read old reviews.

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"Apple utopia~"

I'm excited. Maybe it's because I've already fallen down the mobage hole, but I'm eager to see what Nintendo and DeNA together do with games on smart devices. Also, it is a long overdue saving grace to have someone other than Nintendo work on their "membership service." Hopefully, the Nintendo Network ID will unfuck themselves a little bit before the year is over.

Lastly, I can't wait to see what's NX.

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Splatoon hype! Man, I have a dread in the back of my head that Nintendo will fuck up Splatoon in some Nintendo-esque fashion.

Why am I entertaining the idea of buying a Wii U?

Because, good and bad, it stands out as something special.

My take away from reading this article is that the big, great, and first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 4 have been few and far between and don't seem to improve too much looking at the year ahead. The Xbox One is ahead in this regard, but not by much. On the premise that console exclusives are why you buy a particular system, the PS4 and XB1 haven't done too much to distinguish themselves. There's good and bad to this, but I find it somewhat comforting that you aren't missing out on many games if you decide to have only one of the two systems.

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After the initial shock, I'm eager to see Netflix and Nintendo try. I would've loved an animated series, hand-drawn or full CG, but I'm open to an attempt at live action.

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I logged on and I don't seem to have my 730 coins anymore. Thanks Nintendo

Alas, they expire. Nintendo only desires engaged consumers for their soon-to-be-closed club.

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Club Nintendo for North America was never what Nintendo fans wanted (something that can be applied to all of Nintendo). But it still had some neat things available from time to time. I cherish the Pikmin tote bag and Hanafuda cards I got essentially for free. Also, I got a number of Virtual Console and eShop games that I didn't have the mind to purchase.

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@bcooper21: Short version: Lack of retail space and the XL sells better.

There are a few articles that guess what the reason is.

Here's one I like:

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Having essentially a Wii VC is nice to get some rare Wii games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Trilogy, or Zack and Wiki. It is disappointing that there is no upscaling or additional controller options.

The lack of New Nintendo 3DS (Small) in North America is extremely disappointing as that was the only one I was planning to get. However, I do understand the economic and logistic reasons Nintendo opted not to release it. Even in the Japan, the New Nintendo 3DS LL is outselling the New Nintendo 3DS (with its fancy face plates) by a factor of 2:1. Nintendo can't seem to ship enough amiibo as it is. Retailers are giving hardly enough space for the 2DS, 3DS XL, amiibo, accessories, Wii U, and others. Adding the New Nintendo 3DS and its face plates would be difficult. Lastly, the New Nintendo 3DS is playing to a weird $170 middle ground to the 2DS's $100 and New Nintendo 3DS XL's $200. While I can understand Nintendo decision to not release the New Nintendo 3DS, I do not like it.

Other than those disappointments, I quite enjoyed the Nintendo Direct for the new year. Seeing more of Splatoon is great and the new Xenoblade X trailer has me swooning.

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Memory of a Broken Dimension looks so cool. Hope it plays well.

Nice to see Mario Maker and Splatoon on there. I can't help but feel that Nintendo will critically screw up both games some how. Mario Maker by not making it everything we think it should be and Splatoon by not having enough stuff such as weapons, maps, levels of progression, etc.

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A fine list and a reminder that I need to play more Tropical Freeze.