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@Sleepy_Insomniac said:
" Bring it on. If it's content of excellent quality, I'm game. "
That's where you can decide (about if you should watch the anime or not). 
I know, I will bring Anime to the hearts of the GB community as Prometheus brought fire to mankind.
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I think I am one of the uber-otakus in the GB community (and yes, i know about Anime Vice) But I had this idea.  
I watch in excess of 20 series of anime at once, as well as build model kits and collect PVC figures.
What if I was to do Previews and Reviews of Anime?
How would the GB community feel about that?

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Well, you can finish up missions if you haven't already done so, other than that, there is nothing to do.

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Te first time I played Tali died - After I acquired Legion, she was sad and my renegade/paragon points were not high to convince her and I lost her loyalty, so she died. 
Second time, no-one.

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For some reason the online reminds me of Perfect World (some korean MMO). 
IDK anymore if I want it :P I will wait for some reviews.

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@Steve_C: Played it on the 360 when I had it. It's good, although sometimes tedious.
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@Pessh: Yea, sadly I played it, and I have to admit that it was great! 
Well I will post my review on it it a few days, and it looks like I will swallow my pride and buy WKC tonight.
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@Sleepy_Insomniac: @Junpei: I know it would be somewhat standard, but Junpei is right, I wonder how the story is. Seems pretty uninspired and bland. 
I'm probably going to buy it anyway, but I hope it is okay.\ 
I wish reviews were up sooner, since there is a promotion at my EB that you can trade games and get double credit if trading in for WK (not sure for other games).
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Barrier is a must. When you get to the max barrier level, go to Heavy Barrier, there is no point in the duration increase. 
Adrenaline rush is great, as it allows you to jump out of cover and take some shots to the head, and then jump back down. 
For weapons, I suggest you have the HW - Cain. Sure, the Cain is the most pain in the ass weapon to use, but it saved my ass a lot when having to fight against the super powerful Patrasomethingorother enemies (the husks with a bunch of heads that like to cast barrier all the time) 
If you are not a fan of Barrier, you can use Fortify (Grunts Ability). 
Also, be prepared to switch ammo often, by often I mean adapt. If Enemies have shields, use appropriate weapons, then switch to incendiary for armor, and squad cry ammo is great too; it allows you to freeze hoards of enemies and break them.

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Okay, so I have no previous opinion on this game, and am sort-of apathetic about it, but as it stands, I have no RPGs to play. 
Beaten Mass Effect 2, three times now.... don't have a 360, so am looking at good RPGs for the PS3. 
I have seen WK way back in the days where it was only announced for Japan. 
A year (and a month) later, it is almost out in NA, dubbed "International Edition". 
When I heard about WK, I was pretty excited about it, however as the game got closer to release, things took a turn in the opposite direction. 
The reviews, atleast for the JP version, said that the game was good - albeit one drawback (the major one), the story. 
It was said that the story was somewhat crude and unrefined. Also mentioned was the conclusion to the game, it was weak; just as it [the story] was reaching an interesting point, the story ends, and apparently it was also rushed (the pace was too fast to make sense). 
From the gameplay vids I deduced for myself that the game looks like a watered down version of Infinite Undiscovery. It looks to have similar visuals, and for some reason feels really similar to me.  
Now, my opinion can be wrong entirely save one topic - the multiplayer.  
Worth mentioning that if I buy the game, Multiplayer will probably not make up any of my time spent with this game as I am not a fan of the MMO-like style the multiplayer has taken on. 
For those of you that have imported it or have their own opinions, please share ^.^ 
Also, any ideas what the differences of the regular and the international version is (other than being English)