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This story was great.
I really liked the part about if you comment on it you may get in the MAG Beta... yep that was my favorite part.
So here I am... In the words of the Might and Magic VI avatars : "Pick me! I'm the one that you want!"

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I watched the last half of the MS showing on G4.

This was bad.... real bad.

Allen Wake as an exclusive looked good. Metal Gear Rising was announced, but it was never said to be an exclusive, and being anytime a game was exclusive they pounded it home 3 or 4 times I'm lead to believe that its not. More Halo spin offs. Nothing huge on the gaming front at all.

Then... this stupid, stupid, stupid camera shit. Whatever. That Natal stuff was gut wrenchingly bad.

This was not as bad as Nintendo's showing last year, but this was easily the worst E3 MS has ever had.

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Very, very, sad news. A horrible accident.


His four year little girl was playing in a room that had a treadmill in it and she somehow wrapped herself in either the power cord or the emergency stop wire. He brother found her and the mother preformed CPR while the paramedics rushed to the house. She was taken to the hospital and put on life support but passed this afternoon.

Mike Tyson was out of town when it happened, in Las Vegas at the UFC event this weekend, but rushed home when he was told of the accident.

Very sad story. Hopefully everyone's thoughts and best wishes will be with the family.


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My copy came in the mail today! Factory sealed Korean version... Going to be playing a lot tonight!

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I just ordered this game today off Ebay. I'm so stoked. I don't think I have been this excited about getting a video game for a very, very long time.

I'm such a huge fan of the Kings Field series, and this is the "spiritual succesor" of the series. I bought a brand new, sealed Korean version from a guy in California that was selling several. I think he may be an importer. He had a 100% rating and alot of sales, and I actually got to talk with him in a few emails. I paid for it already, and he's sending it out first thing Monday morning priority delivery, so i should have it by Thursday.... I'm really excited.., its not healthy to be in this much anticipation of a game lol.

Anyone that has it add me on PSN... ID is GetToDeChoppa.

I'll post back here later this week when I get it in.

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I bought GalCiv II Ultimate edition off of Stardocks' Impulse service. Thats the only place to get GalCiv digital legally that I know of. (Its not avalible at Steam, D2D, or GOG)

The game is patched to it's latest version, but is a total mess. Crash, after crash, after crash.

I paid 40 bucks for it, and can't even play it. Haven't heard a word back from customer service. Crap like this is the reason PC gaming is going south.

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Weak reply.

No counter argument. No debate. No logical argument as to why you see my comparison, based on the manipulation of the public as a means to rise to power, is wrong.

In other words, you take a comparison out of the context it was used in, and try to use that as an excuse to rebuff my entire argument.

You lose.

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Snipzor said:
"Evilross said:
"Congratulations Mr. Obama. You have successfully used the power of charisma and the gift of gab to woo the weak minded, group think, unwashed masses into electing you President of the United States.

Now can you please explain to me why your very first action was to resend a ban so that my hard earned money can now be spent killing the unborn in foreign lands as a form of "aid"?

Change indeed."
Because it seems as if your citizens can't even use your own damn money wisely. Specifically you don't know enough to understand what somethings are, specifically you don't know biology to the point of understanding why abortion is legal. Sure adoption is fine, but it puts strain on foster homes and ruins the psychological wellbeing of many orphans. Put this is with America, the aid is spent on "Third World Countries" where people don't even have the luxury of adoption, or the luxury of helping themselves or even feeding themselves.
Or would you rather have your "Hard Earned Money" spent on killing people overseas with guns?

Change absolutely.
Well now. I think your first line summed up your views on the governments role rather nicely.

I'm glad that we have pompous ass's like yourself and those that share your elitist attitude in power now, being that you know so much better then people like me how to spend my own money.

I'm also glad you have no problems taking it from me, in the form of taxes, based on my income, and how much you think that my family and I need, and spending how you see fit, on whom you deem worthy, according to your own moral compass, and limitless wisdom.

Bribing that have-nots with promises of a free ride and a better life, and co-opting the impressionable and weak minded with rose colored rhetoric to achieve power to advance the agenda of the socialist elite has been the backbone of getting pro government regimes into power for a long time. It worked with Hitler, Lennon, Mussolini, Chavez, and many others. Now it has worked in the US with Obama.

I really wouldn't care about any of this, as I am a very independent person, and have always followed my own way, without bothering or caring what others thought or did. But now, as i grow older, and have two children that I have to bring up in this world, insulating them for the harm that comes from group think mentality, and an government intitlement attitude in life, has become has become a cause that I have to stand up for.

I'd ramble more, but I'm a busy person, and have things to do.

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Brutal KO in the first round.

Arlovski was doing well, but got wrapped up in his own hype.

After pushing Fedor into the corner in a striking exchange, he jumped in with a flying knee. Fedor countered with a huge right that spun Arlovski 180 degrees and dropped him flat on his face, out cold.

Fedor is the best heavyweight. Fedor is the best fighter pound for pound on the planet.  No more arguments to say otherwise.

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Being that under current federal law the unborn have no rights, I'd wager a guess that the undead would not have rights either.

Its a tough call, probably would have to be taken up by the Supreme Court, and there would be a lot of lobbying by special interest groups on both sides of the issue trying to sway the minds of the American public.

I could see the media running with the issue, and labeling those that would push for zombies to have no rights as the "Anti-Undeath" crowd and writing scathing editorials about said groups, accusing them of various forms of bigotry and religious fanatisism.

The Zombie Holocaust is going to be a fun time indeed.