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@xanadu: With this last post, I think GPU is the easy choice. I guess the last part of the equation would be internet speed because if it's slow, PC gaming seems like a big headache.

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@zombie2011: Yes, he did. We have gameplay footage though

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@ez123: Means of aiming is static but you're still not hitting it on the reticle because the fire is not pin-point accurate, it spreads as you fire anyway.

Doesn't matter, reticle bloom is still destabilizing. So like I said, the spread is the same for both except one is expanding and the other is staying the same but somehow they're equal?

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@gaspower: It's not a visual choice, it impacts accuracy. If ADS and hip fire both have the same spread but one has a means of aiming that is static, then that one is superior. This is silly.

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I'll take SR4 if you're not okay w giving it to 1 post people who signed up today. I've been here greedily getting codes for years.

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Don't want the highlighted press previews to be TOO one-sided. Well, Ryan at IGN talks about how it's the first Halo game where he's had to fight the controls but some people just read conclusions.


After I had finished my 90 minutes with Halo 5: Guardians it was clear that 343 wants this game to be more energetic, faster, and physically dynamic. I fear, however, that in their quest the good people of 343 Industries have changed so much that what's left can not be properly identified as a Halo game.

"Hip fire accurate" doesn't seem to be true. The reticle expands when you're shooting the AR and SMG hipfire and it doesn't when you're on ADS/zoom(see gif for example on the latter).

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I think calling for that is fine but decrying Halo because it changes is the dumb thing.

Why? Presumably people like Halo because of what it is. Change for change's sake is pointless. Cool weapons that actually behave differently would be a big change from Halo 4 that most would have no problem with. If I wanted something completely different, I'd go elsewhere.

I bought Gears Judgment used recently and I would have vastly preferred Annex and a Horde mode with these new maps. Same old shit sure, but i'd be having more fun. The faster kill times and Domination are clearly there because of COD. So if I decry the pointless changes to that game, is it dumb because 3 Gears games already exist?

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@cmblasko said:

I think a smart move for a smaller studio would be to make a online-only FPS that plays like Halo 2/3. There are still plenty of people who prefer how those games play to the more recent ones so you would have a built-in audience and instant goodwill. And you are doing it on the cheap by not including any expensive campaign type stuff.

Like say like the small studio making this game?

Your posts suggesting that a game like Halo 2/3 might as well be port are dumb. Similar games can bring new experiences.

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Well, at least it looks really sharp. I think there is finally an Xbone in my future.

No doubt it's going to look good but how could anyone tell with that video?