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Also, I'm left wondering why the last line of this news post was needed? There is already enough steering of the cultural narrative from games journalists, and all Patrick had to do here is simply report that this is a thing. His opinion is irrelevant to this.

If you don't want opinions there are plenty of other sites out there.

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I hope this outage is just temporary

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This has been a bad year for me so far.

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Who will we look to now for chili recipes!?

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Just realised this too. Pretty annoying, but they probably have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment.

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My dream comes true! Shadow Magic is my favourite turn-based game, so I'm really looking forward to this. Good to see Triumph is still behind it too.

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Anyone else miss AGI (All Games Interactive)? Scot Rubin, Mayor Young and Arena Ron... ah the memories. The Mr Awesome vs Twin Galaxies stuff is classic.

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@TheHT said:

Hmm, doesn't list PlanetSide 2 there.

Don't mind the print on the card, it works for all games that uses Station Cash. I think 13 games in total are supported, only 9 of those are listed on the cards for some reason.

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For those who might have missed this, SOE Game Cards sold at Walmart apparently gives you 500 bonus station cash when redeemed. Pair this with the triple station cash on the 21st and you have a pretty sweet deal. There is a Reddit thread with a guy helping people (like me) who have no local Walmart. So if you've considered getting some station cash this would probably be the right time to do so.

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They are also going to be putting in a system to restart a game that lost its connection through replays so tournaments aren't ruined by bad connection games.

There really is no good excuse for not having LAN play at this point, at least for the bigger blizzard supported events.