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1. Demons Souls

2. Dark Souls

3. Dark Souls II

I'm not too far into bloodborne but I'm liking a lot.

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It can work in games that require a lot of experimenting as part of their gameplay (see for instance Virtue's Last Reward).

If we're talking about a relatively linear game that has a really well defined central narrative like persona 4 though, then no.

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Reservoir Dogs is the only one I truly enjoyed. Django Unchained was cool but sometimes the violence was a bit too much for me, and i thought Pulp Fiction was just a waste of time.

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@trafalgarlaw: sony and Microsoft's new consoles don't have nearly as many amazing games as the wii u though. In the end, that's the only thing that really matters.

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ugh, pun threads are fucking stupid.

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I guess the Kennedy assassination conspiracies are kind of believable. I mean, it's not too crazy to think that several people would want the president of the U.S. dead, especially during the height of the cold war.

I don't really believe any of them though, I just think that as far as conspiracy theories go they're relatively logical.

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I like lists. It's how i find out about a lot of the music/games/movies i enjoy.

Websites like buzzfeed are trash though. I'm more put off by the sassy writing than the list format however.

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I'm finishing up Persona Q and Kirby Triple Deluxe.

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Roguelikes probably. I like some of them like Spelunky, but for the most part I prefer games that let me save my progress.

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Picross 3D.

That game is fucking excellent. After finishing it once i deleted my save file and dit it all again.