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I've never been proud of anything.

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I don't. I usually play as a generic white guy with slightly darker skin tone since I'm Hispanic and probably look like that.

The key exception is Saints Row 2, where I played as an obese black man in a hot dog suit.

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I've had this game since it was released, but it seems so massive that I haven't really wanted to jump into because I have so many other games to play.

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The problem with discussing social issues is that only like, 3 people out of 100 have anything intelligent to say.

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@theht: you have good taste friend.

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It's a tie between Ocarina of time and Deus Ex for me.

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The Bioshock series.

As someone who loves System Shock and all the other great first person RPGS of its era, the Bioshock games just feel like cheap, watered down (no pun intended) imitations.

Bioshock Infinite is the worst offender by far. I wish the devs had done something similar to what was done with Human Revolution, where they brought a fantastic classic into the future without compromising what made it so good in the first place.

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Probably Uncharted 2 or The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog should commit entirely to making games, or making stories. As it stands I think they sacrifice too much gameplay to advance decent stories.

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@benpicko: it looks amazing and I hate that it's not showing anywhere near me.

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They should all be on the Vita, because playing RPGS on it just feels right.