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#1 Posted by Fantus1984 (59 posts) -

Can't believe how many of you beat the poison boss with the room full of poison, that just seems mad haha!

#2 Posted by Fantus1984 (59 posts) -

It's nice to hear the windmill stumped a lot of people, well not nice but still :P

The king door what threw me was because I remember the one at the beginning of the game since I kept going back to that one trying lots of different rings :P

The last in the castle I remember, it was because I died a lot by those stone statues haha.

The one in the woods...I visited once and completed forgot about - did feel stupid afterwards but just was annoyed since the NPC kept saying go to the throne room and follow the king.

All in all, cheers for this. Helped me a lot :)

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I've recently finished my first play through of the game this week and so was writing my thoughts up on the game.

During play I got completely stuck on how to progress the story and was seeing if I was the only one who got stuck at the same places. Did you get stuck somewhere else?

Here were my three areas.

1. Returning to the Miracle trainer to open the way to Huntsman Corpse.

This threw me completely since I was stuck at the three ruin sentinel boss fight and wanted to go somewhere else desperately. I decided to retrace my steps though all the previous areas to discover she had moved there and would open that door.

2. Burning the windmill

This I wish had been more obvious, I was playing on the day the servers were being buggy so had no soul summing messages and ended up wasting so many healing items on that boss. No NPC hinting or anything. I did feel thick once I figured it out but that took a good few hours.

3. The King Ring Doors

After receiving the king ring I returned to the queen and she kept saying go to the throne room which I did, killed the two watchers down there and didn't know where to go next. I returned to the queen who kept saying go to the throne room and the emerald lady wasn't being helpful either.

After exploring all previous areas for around three hours I weakened and checked online for the first time.

Do you think the game should of telegraphed these a bit more?

#4 Posted by Fantus1984 (59 posts) -

Just got the game - My PSN is Fantus-1984

#5 Posted by Fantus1984 (59 posts) -

Dark Souls 2 is one of the game that will need to establish itself before real reviews can be done. I think when the original Dark Souls came out they weren't many reviews to hit since not everything had been discovered yet and the covenants weren't fully understood at the time and how to even activate them.

I can see a lot of previews coming out but not full conclusions right away and this will affect more games as well in the future such as the latest mmo's & other games that have a multiplayer bleed in effect such as Destiny & the Grid.

I'm going to be buying this day one anyway, I enjoyed the last two very much and want to experience it the same time as everyone else, even if it is good or bad.

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With the new trailer they is still no confirmed date for PC .... grumble

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It was great seeing Patrick defending Fire Emblem in the Game Of the Year list in the podcast and how no one seemed to play it after rewarding XCOM GOTY last year. :D

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I've only played the first part up to getting the boat so couldn't really place it in the list - also it was my first assassin creed game so yeah...didn't know what to think

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I will get round to it next pay day...Christmas has made me pretty tight for cash at the moment

Will check it out next year :)

@themanwithnoplan: As I said in my list video, I've always had a soft spot for games like this. Even though the Wii one was an abominations for new players. :)

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Did you play MG:R? Not trying to start shit here, just curious.

No I didn't, one of my regrets since I've heard great things about it. Not played a MG game since MG2 on the PS2 mind so out of the loop with the series...but sounds like a knowing of that back story isn't necceary for this crazy game.

It coming out on PC next year so will get it for that

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