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Morgantown, WV, USA

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My God this is fucking awful.

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Thank you so much for writing this wonderful article Patrick. Thank you for bringing some positive attention to this game. As a person who lives with depression this game was one of the deciding factors in me seeking more extensive counseling to help me with some of my issues. When playing through this I found many of the similarities between the character and myself to be startling. It allowed for some stark realizations and profound re-contextualization of my daily activities. I was finally able to admit to myself that my anxieties about being around other people and my lethargy towards my loved ones was an actual problem because I was able to see that someone else had had those exact same issues. I no longer felt like I was making something up in my mind and finally was able to see the problem for what it was. Understanding that others were in the same place as me had never been as apparent as it had been until I checked this thing out. I was finally able to stop thinking the problems I was dealing with were a joke and that I should just "get over it"

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No, you're not stupid for not being able to figure out how to trap your first monster.

Thanks Patrick I was just dealing with that today, texting my brother back and forth trying to figure out how to trap the bear after throwing pellets at his head over and over again and still getting no results. When I finally did see that big bastard fall asleep I was super satisfied.

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Thanks so much for your help! All is well now.

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That XNA link is the same as the zynga link.

BTW I look forward to these every week. It truly is stuff worth reading. That Clint Hocking talk is off the chain.

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@Skytylz: All of the cut scenes have voice acting the rest is just plain ol text... The combat is fun and engaging but the A.I. for other members of your party needs some serious reworking.

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"next gen", huh.

I guess I'm missing something here.

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@contagious: as in, not magic pengel

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Now that Studio Ghibli is making next gen video games I would really love to see a more adult centric game with themes similar to Princess Monanoke. That was the first Ghibli movie I ever saw and I think a nice blood soaked Ghibli JRPG would be loads of fun!

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The incredible depth, stylization and story to this game make me urge you to pick this game up. Sure, some of the JRPG tropes may make it slightly less accessible to new comers of the genre but this game is truly a return to form. I find it strange that anyone entrenched in gaming and it's culture would ever find faults in the tropes that JRPG's present when they are done to the best of the industries ability. Maybe that was just the generation I grew up though, after all, the best games that were around when I was growing up tended to be RPGs. This game is gets everything right while adding things flavor that you did not even know you wanted shoved in there until you dive into it's world. I would recommend this game to anyone, not just fans of the genre, which I have not been able to say of an RPG of any kind in a very long time.