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I started on some Flight Club drawings some years ago and recently re-discovered the scans. I think the idea was to draw Vinny, Drew and Dave in flight-related clothing and in the end merging them into a single image with a logo. I probably abandoned the project when they stopped, but now I'm thinking of finishing it. If I do I'll probably redraw it all.

What do you bombers think? And what the hell should Dave wear?! I'm leaning towards something like this.

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Congratulations, and all the best! Stay strong and never let the haters get to you.

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@bushpusherr said:

@phoenixlol said:

@tanookisuit: Poor east cost. I only have to stay up til 2am to start watching.

Ha, from Alaska I get to watch at 11pm right before bed! :D

It's only 09:56 am here, so all good for lunch entertainment! It's up now as well.

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A resounding yes, many hours of fun to be had.

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@havochq what a beautiful abomination of fun you've made!

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The last video played up the Jeff-and-Brad-hate Mario Party a bit much, ended up not being that entertaining. They should get some guests to join as well, drag Danny and/or Mary in on it, they'd probably love it! *slight sarcasm*

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Audio Technica M50x. Great headset with detachable cords.

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@white: not necessarily. If Drew knows nothing of the that fights details, and Dan doesn't spoil it, it could turn out real fun. Especially if he tries to beat him first and fails miserably.

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Man, what a bunch of negative nellies some of you are. Hey Patrick, best of luck.

EDIT: and scrolling up it's clear this thread has derailed...