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I thought about making this a poll, but there are so many bosses it would just be a clutter.

I personally haven't finished the game yet (I've got Bed of chaos, Four Kings, the DLC and Gwyn left). The hardest boss so far for me has to be Ornstein and Smough, aka Bigge-smalls/Snorlax and Picachu/etc. I didn't bang my head against a wall over them, but it took me around 9 runs before getting them. The easiest was pinwheel. That... thing, went down in a second when I got to him.

Bonus Question: Did you get any bosses on your first try? I downed Asylum Demon, Taurus Demon, Queelana the spider witch-bitch, Gaping Dragon, Sif, Moonlight Butterfly, Pinwheel and Seath the Scaleless on my first.

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MIss that constant Vinny as well... I've actually also been rewatching the Demons Souls run lately. Such a great series.

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@senescent: That was pretty good. Loved the angles and overall feel.

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@tordah: You should give it another shot, it's all about patience and being aware of your surroundings. Read item descriptions and exhaust every dialogue option and you'll find quite the deep and interesting lore. The curse is quite easy to deal with if you have the item or know where to buy it, but I can see getting frustrated if one knows nothing about it.

@jaytow How so? I'm really interested in Bloodborne, it's among the reasons I want to eventually buy a PS4.

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For me A is egg in a basket, and B I've never had (I think). Neither are a custom in Norway.

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@shindig: I prefer wearing light to medium armor for mobility. There are some armors that are actually better in defense than Havel's if you level them up, and with Havel's ring you can medium roll them.

What I've found great about pyromancy is that with some spells (like combustion) there is next to no animations before hitting. And the damage stacks if you're quick enough. It's also great for crowd management, especially the chaos fireball as it leaves lava that deals extra damage.

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@jiggajoe14: I think I'm closing in on the bottom. I just got stuck against a wall and killed by one of the mushroom parents, goddamn they hit hard. So far it's an amazing level! The tree is so intricate, especially when I'm trying to collect all of the shiny goodies.

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I haven't lost that many yet, but the sad part was loosing seven humanity... I found out later that they up your discovery rate and are stored in the bloodstain with the souls, and I didn't go back for it as I thought "what the hell, it was only 200 souls". Hard lesson indeed.

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I started on some Flight Club drawings some years ago and recently re-discovered the scans. I think the idea was to draw Vinny, Drew and Dave in flight-related clothing and in the end merging them into a single image with a logo. I probably abandoned the project when they stopped, but now I'm thinking of finishing it. If I do I'll probably redraw it all.

What do you bombers think? And what the hell should Dave wear?! I'm leaning towards something like this.