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Dan the man! Bringing it when it needed bringin'.

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In really excited for the new season. The first episode had some amazing cinematography, but I found it a bit to stand alone.

Mads Mikkelsen has really made Hannibal come alive, and I just love seeing him play this intriguing and mesmerizing monster.

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@dan_citi: If you google a little you'd get your answer asap. Some of it is at Crows Perch from the quartermaster, and some of the crossbows can be bought in Skellige, Crows Perch and Novigrad.

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@tathertron: If you're at where I think your level will shoot up from the next mainquests. Towards the end of the game I gained four levels in around two hours or less.

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@humanity: The one you just attached was 1920x1080 for me. I know, the resizing sucks when posting screenshots. I don't know exactly how it works. EDIT: I love the little touches in your art, like the Ryan dashboard figurine (it's cool to notice on your own).

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@humanity: Solid! Perfect for my PC. My laptop is 1200x800, but it still works.

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Man, fucking Uwe Boll... good riddance.

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Congratulations! And (In my best Luca Brasi impression), may your child be a masculine child.

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Great as always, and thanks for the topical wallpaper!

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Definitely PC. Modded Fallout 3 and New Vegas have given me so much enjoyment.