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There's been moving and newcomers lately, so content is probably around the corner. I am jonesing for some Vinny content...

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@doctordonkey: There's already been mentioned so much good stuff in topic, I don't really know what I might add. Just be sure to check out John Woos, Jackie Chans and The Shaw Brothers (production studio) movies. For actors, go for Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Simon Yam and Tony Chiu Wai Leung. They cover everything from Hong Kong shooting action to smart crime like Infernal Affairs and Election. In another post you said you like the run-in-and-gun movies, so John Woo is right up your alley (with Hardboiled, A Better Tomorrow 1&2, The Killer and more).

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They both have their place. For example, ketchup on a hotdog and mayonnaise on a slice of white bread with shrimp and lemon juice on top (now I'm hungry).

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Lovely done! Giant Bomb and Persona goes hand in hand.

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Well said Patrick, we all miss Ryan but I can't fathom how this day affects you. All the best to you and Ryans closest.

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Welcome Jason(auts) and Dan! Thrilled for some FRESH BLOOD.

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Bought some games, traded some cards, bought some more stuff... been a good sale I guess.

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The Pirate Fairy (2014). Tinkerbell doing her shit, and there's an interesting secondary story... go watch!

@shortbreadtom: Amelie is very much defined by the directors art-style, and certainly does not define french cinema. On the romantic issue of Amelie, I personally see that movie as a fairytale. Everything falls into place and situations occur perfectly in relation to each other. This is normal for a movie, but the pureness of the romantic aspect definitely elevates it to a more fairytale-esque level. It's by the same director as The City of Lost Children, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Its mise en scène is even more peculiar and unique, and stars the illustrious Ron Perlman.

If you want some examples of modern (And brilliant) French cinema, go watch "The Intouchables" and "Blue is the Warmest Color"!

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If the story was crafted well enough, absolutely. It would be highly problematic to make, considering our history and the factions viewpoints and actions. But WWII was never black and white, so I'd be interested in playing a story about a German soldiers struggles.

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@thomasnash: It doesn't take that much to level (unless you're at lvl 1). Just sell/trade or buy some cards, make some badges and level up! You also get a card for making any other kind of badge.