So I saw Avatar: the movie

Went to see Avatar with my girlfriend yesterday and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good either. Here are the things that stood out to me. 
The world is beautifully crafted, but  I couldn't shake this video game feeling. The choppers made me think of Halo Wars. The part where thy go into the mountains made me think of Nagrand in World of Warcraft. The flying mounts also gave me that WoW-feeling, but that is probably just me and my WoW-addiction. And man do those Na'Vi look like Dreanai or what?
The plot is way too predictable, but I like the fact that the movie had a message to it's primary public: 12-15 year olds. After all things that are too predictable to us is fairly new to them I assume. That doesn't make the names Unobtanium & Pandora less laughable though. (
I really like the main villain in the game, he did a good job of making that character believable. And the last part of the movie was pretty engaging. 
The part that resonated with me is where the female Na'Vi jumps in to defend the main protagonist wielding a dagger. That was a beautiful scene and a powerful moment. 
It was a nice way to start our vacation and although the movie looked beautiful i find it is quite forgettable. Want a similar movie with good CG but with a pretty good storyline? District 9.
Gonna watch LOTR this weekend....again.


What I've been up to, but more important: what I look forward to!

Last time I blogged about buying my new vidcard and I really love it. Everything just looks so damn good. That is absolutely the best part of PC-gaming. You can go back and crank all the games up to max settings to see what they look like. Gears of War on max settings looks really good. Halo 2...not as much. Still need to get me some points in both of those games, so I'll be playing them next week. Because next week vacation starts!! 
The new WoW content patch dropped and that new Dungeon Finder tool is crazy addicting. You just keep doing dungeons and let that be my favorite part of the game. Gotta get used to the new rotation on my Shaman, since the new Fire Nova eats up a lot of mana, but really increases my dps. I am also getting my Priest geared and levelling my Druid at the same time, who can either heal, dps or tank thanks to dual-specs.. You can see that I can easily lose myself for a couple of hours in this game. Lets not even start talking about achievements. 
I also played all the way through plants vs zombies and updated the Witcher so I don't need the cd anymore. Hopefully I'll play it more often now, because it's a good game. But there so much other stuff to play. Almost done with my first playthrough of Dead Space, but I mostly play that game during the daytime if I have some spare time. (which I don't) I only play at night if my girlfriend is still awake, because that game really creeps me out. Played through Batman faster than I thought and need to go back in to sweep up some more achievements. Also loaded up Left 4 Dead and TF2 every now and again.
So next week it's game time! I would really like to purchase Dragon Age, but I already have so much catching up to do game-wise. So I'll wait for the price to drop a bit. Buying it for the PC for sure. 
Also purchased The Beatles: Rockband and man that game is awesome! It is also my first time playing a true rockband game after the first 3 Guitar Heroes. Being from Europe the original Rockband was just way too expensive. Then number 2 dropped pretty fast with better instruments which were nowhere to be found here. So finally they release The Beatles: Rockband, which has all the instruments I want and a cool game to beat. I went all out and purchased the Rockband Song pack 2, Rockband 1 & Guitar Hero Greatest Hits. And then the madness and overspending had to end.  
Really looking forward to our vacation. Gonna play me some WoW and also try to get one more game S-ranked on my 360. At the moment the only games I S-ranked are King Kong & that Doritos game. Sad huh? I also intend to go through the full trilogy of the LOTR DVD boxset....again. :) Let's see how far we get. And there has been this Final Fantasy itch I need to scratch. Don't know which one I'll play yet. 
Lots to do this vacation! Looking forward to it. 
Oh almost forgot, due to my collecting I tend to lag behind playing games, but I recently got through Modern Warfare 1 and wow that game is intense. Already started it again on the veteran setting. And speaking of collecting, I passed the 800 mark a couple of weeks ago. Steam had some insane prices for some great games. 
(PS: I just found out that they added achievements to Torchlight. Add 1 more game I need to play to the list!)


Today has been a good day

Today has been a good day. I finally bought a GTX275 and have just tried out  Crysis proper and WOW does that game look & play good on the ultra high settings. Also bought Batman through steam and that game is awesome, They finally got the batman feeling down. So let's do spiderman  & superman now? The steam is a little bit weird though, but the game is really good. Oh I also wasted 4 hours on plants & zombies. Sale on Steam = Fleppie spending way too much money.
Also purchased Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 since I couldn't help myself. (even bought the DLC) It's probably gonna be much shorter than MUA, but i don't really notice this since my play-time is very limited anyways. I do like the fusions and the new powers as well as the upgraded graphics. I like that the typhoon that storm summons when doing a fusion with Iceman or Gambit picks up all sorts of debris when you are guiding it around. Wolverine plays really well, like a beast unleashed slicing through everything. Been playing with an X-men team with Wolverine, Storm, Iceman  Gambit and I really like it so far. 
All in all it's been a good gaming week. Also got my hands on a copy of Fable 2, so I got lots to do. :) 
Gonna play some dawn of war 2 to get that 90k single player achievement. Man I haven't touched WoW in a while. And I aint evne thinking of buying dragon age since I just won't have the time. Got so many unfinished rpg's laying around it isn't even funny anymore.  
Looking forward to a good weekend!


A very "nice" combination

I have been playing Dead Space these last two days and that game is intense as hell. It used to be that Silent Hill was more of the creepy atmosphere feeling and Resident Evil was the game with jump-scares. This game has both of em and it really works those terror-nerves. I am definitely no playing this one at night.  
I just got this 360 elite with Resident Evil 5. And since my old 360 red-ringed and my old 20 gig was maxxed out, i can only now experience the install to HDD feature and it really cuts down the loading times on Dead Space. Going from 6-10 seconds to 2 seconds to start the game. And no more in-game loading with doors not opening. Also played through Shadow Complex and playing through it again for achievements.  
I can only play these new games since i am still waiting for my data transfer kit to arrive.
Games i bought recently: 
Monkey Island: Special Edition 
Resident Evil 5 (got it with the system) 
Streetfighter IV 
Dead Space 
And games on the way this week: 
Ninja Gaiden 2 
Grand Theft Auto IV 
Gears of War 2 
The Simpsons 
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 
Got a really good deal on them, so I am very happy. Some of these games are still 60 euros or at least 30 euros. 
AND: I finally hit 11k on my gamerscore!! At least on xbox live. Still working on the brewmaster meta achievement in WoW. (only lastst this week)



Ok, so I grew up in the capitol of Suriname, Paramaribo. Don't know where that is? Here:

Although I say capitol, it actually feels like a quaint (spelling?) village with a population of 300.000+.

Now it being a 3rd world country, we always trail behind in luxury stuff like videogames. And I was fortunate enough to have parents that could afford to go on vacation for 2 weeks a year to Miami, Florida. I would get pocket-money, which started at $25 at age 6 and was bumped up to $500 by the age of 14. 

And since I have always had a passion for videogames, guess what happened. Yup I would spend all my money by day 3, buying the newest system with a couple of games. And I'd be bored for the coming 12 days. My parents always tell everybody that story.

Now, the buzz from somebody getting the newest systems in Paramaribo would hit the streets pretty fast and we would cross town on our bikes to go see Super Mario 64 or Tekken. 

And I remember biking to my best friend's house in the afternoon, Snes my backback together with Mortal Kombat 2 and Turtles in Time fresh from the shelves in Miami. (He hated that last one)

I guess the zipper from my backpack had gone bad and my bag suddenly opened up, sending my Snes rolling down the street. I literally jumped off my bike, threw it to the side and dashed between cars after my precious machine. It rolled down for quite some distance and luckily it didn't get run over. As was I. (but I didn't care at the time)

So I reach my friend's house, hastily hookup the system and the thing works like nothing happened. No moving parts ftw.

That shit would not fly today at all. Actually my 360 red ringed on me 3 weeks ago...from heat. The Snes survived asfalt!


I had my first week of vacation last week, since Tuesday. And I was doing a HC Naxxramas Guild run on Wednesday already. :) I have a great casual raiding guild with people that have awesome gear and leave slots open for guildies like me that are mostly trailing behind. We did a full run and I honestly don't understand where people get this amount of time. We started at 19:00pm and were done by 1.00am. Granted we wiped on Thaddius 3 times due to an uncooperative Deathknight. (Who was on trial and promptly got kicked for not following orders and ultra-low dps, ouch!)

So we did a full HC Naxxramas run and I replaced most of my PvE gear. I am now slightly shy of 2.5k dps. Seriously,  how do people get to 4k? I'll find out I guess. (in the next expansion) My new weapons kind of give away the theme to Naxxramas and although they really boosted my damage out put, i am kinda sad that I lost my God of War 3 look. 


WoW blog

Been quite busy lately, but decided to blog on my lunch-break. While awaiting Giantbomb's linking of WoW Europe achievements, I'd thought I'd post about my WoW character. 

My main character is Basora, a female Tauren shaman on Bloodscap. She is actually the 2nd character I made, the first being a female Orc warrior named Regalia on Thunderhorn. Nowadays I just do dailies for an hour to boost several reputations of factions, but I don't have time to play it for long stretches at this time. After the 3.0 patch I dual specced enhancement for PvE and enhancement for PvP. (Enhancement is the melee talent tree, with elemental being the caster tree and restoration the healing tree)

After going through the PvP system to grind some honor points, I now have 4/5 hatefeful gladiator PvP set, which is helping me get through the battlegrounds alot better. It looks pretty good too. I like the kilt, but hate the helmet. Just an ugly thing if you ask me. Weapons are pride and greed which God of War 3 ripped off. :) Who knows, I might start doing Arena matches in the summer too.

It should be alot less stressfull in a week or so and then I'll take up regular raiding again for my PvE items. Ulduar here I come! I am still enjoying the game if you can't tell. (been playing since the beta)

Oh and 4810 achievement points! And just wait till next week when I have more time so I can go after the silly ones as well. Giantbomb, give me my WoW achievementssss!!!!!

Oh and on a  side note, my 360 redringed on me last week, just after the 3 year guarantee period ofcourse. And seing as my 20 gig harddisk was full, I have decided that I'd be better off buying an elite with 120 gigs. In the future Imight get this one repaired and sell it. 

Anyways, once again Giantbomb make with the EU WoW achievements!!


You know what is better than achievements? Unexpected achievements. The ones that pop up out of nowhere while you are just playing a game, minding your own beezwax.

More or less the same thing happened to me while installing a new game on my PC. After the installation was done,  the game suggested therecommended settings of my max resolution of 1650*1050 with no AA. Out of habit I have been gaming at a resolution of 1280*1024 with 2xAA, because that used to work for me in most every game without ahving to spend too much time tweaking in the video-options menu. Needless to say this was an unexpected and really nice surprise. It's funny how easily you can get stuck in your habits.

So I immediately fired up all the games I had installed on my harddrive and changed the settings to max 1650*1050 and boy does WoW look nice and crisp. No AA needed if you ask me as there were almost no jaggies to be seen due to the high resolution.

But the cooleste part of my rig is that the two key components came from my best friends back home in Suriname and my Girlfriend. When I turned 30 last year my girlfriend surprised me with this great samsung 2032BW lcd-screen. Dunno how big it exaclty is, but it's more than enough for me. And the videocard came from my friends back home in Suriname, when I was there for the summer. I brought them a couple of games and after my stay of 3 months, they rushed over to my house on the day of my departure to present me with an Nvidia 8800gts. Considering that I was still on an agp videocard, you could say that I was extremely happy with it and still am. 

So above all else I am gratfeull for all these awesome and fulfilling relationships in my life. And the crisp graphics remind me of this every day. :) 

Compared to my ex-girlfriend my current girlfriend is a Godsend. My ex used to scoff at me collecting stuff and made fun of me when I got excited about certain new releases, saying: it's all pixels anyways. My current girlfriend surprised me with a copy of Shadow of the Colossus form her first paycheck! She actually remembered that I really wanted that game. And although she isn't really a gamer, she now has the gaming knowledge to see that Peggle isn't really a game. (Can you control the ball? No? So there is no skill linvolved? What a stupid game) And when my savings were a little short to buy a Wii at launch, she chipped so I could still get it.

Big difference compared to my ex. 5 years and still going strong! And to my friends back in Suriname...friends for life!

Game update

I haven't blogged about my gaming in a loooong while. My last blog was in may of 2008 last year on the gamespot website. And not blogging for so long can really highlight my gaming habits. My collection ahs grown form 700 games to 760 games in less than a year, but my my achievement score has grown but a mere 2000 points since then.

And if you take a look at my profile on xfire you'll see why. I don't ahve that much free time and most of it is being put into World of Warcraft. I still enjoy it, but it's cutting into my time put into other games.

I had already bought the orange box on release and played through Portal and got all the achievements for the 360 version of Team Fortress 2. I had bought Team Fortress 2 on Steam a couple of months ago as well, but didn't get to really sink my teeth into the game. (already owned HL2 & episode 1) But I played 3 straight hours this weekend, man this game is so badass. Especially with the new achievement & Upgrade system. I haven't played CoD4 yet, but this just keeps you going. The last game that hooked me this bad with a form of an experience system was Enemy Territory. Unfortunately the Quake Wars version just doesn't have that magic. (Is WWII that magical?)

Can't wait to have the time to play Left 4 Dead. Since i don't have the time to really play it, I am waiting for a price-cut. Gonna buy that game twice as well. For the 360 and on steam. But hearing about that free update released a couple of days ago, Ireally started itching to buy it.

So mr developers, keep going with those free updates, they really tickle my buyers-interest and I am sure I am not the only one. 
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