Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 Preview (debut of DIVEKICK!)

UFGT8, one of my favourite Road to EVO events is all this weekend, featuring the return of the Mystery Game Tournament and the debut of DIVEKICK!


Just look at the trophies they'll be playing for (which are related to a the post-credits ending in The Avengers)!

Infinity Gauntlet Trophies!
Infinity Gauntlet Trophies!

The main reason why UGFT is so popular is because of the extras you get other than the EVO seeding point tournaments that come with the rest of the events. Last year's Mystery Game Tournament (which is by no means limited to fighting games) was my personal favourite event.

MGT 2011

Street Fighter 1, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pong! The randomness of not having played a fighting game vs making a competitive match out of something like Mario is not only hilarious but just as exciting as any of the main fighting game tournaments (knowledge of the games not necessary!)

This year however, the Mystery Game Tournament has a new rival in DIVEKICK!

I don't even know what this game is capable of, but I'll have a fun time watching.

Where can I watch this?

http://www.leveluplive.tv/ is where you can watch both streams at the same time (and not have the chats up if you don't want those), Stream 1 by Level | Up Series and Stream 2 by FocusFire.

And here's the final day schedule for Sunday:


Hope you tune in!