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I got an invite yesterday even though I never signed up. If I can, I'll write up a blog post.

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I'm still making my way through the backlogs of Bombcasts and videos, so for me, it's like he's still around. But knowing that with every bombcast I listen to I'm closer to having no Ryan, is real damn depressing.

I've been doing the same thing. It's great to hear "Hey Everybody. It's Tuesday." I missed a ton of the early Bombcasts so it's been fun to listen to them and hear the early days of Giant Bomb.

But, I'm with you. Still grappling with the fact that he is gone.


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I wrote a blog post. Unfortunately, not that active on the site. But, I've listened to tons of bombcasts and pretty much just consumed. Life, Marriage, and work usually get in the way of me interacting in the forums and what not. I'm an older duder. But, that shouldn't be an excuse. Here's my brief writings on my experience with all this.

Take Care Everyone :)

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Grabbed the PS3 version today. 
Looking forward to playing it. 
Hit me up on PS3 for a game. Or maybe some co-op.
PSN: ForTheJim

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I'd be willing to join. I got the PS3 version today. I haven't even played it yet. I am excited.
Sounds like it should be a good version.

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This sale was great. I really can't wait for the Holiday sale. 
However, I am peeved at Amazon. I ordered a 1.5 TB drive from them last Sunday, and it just now shipped. Need more space for all these games. 
I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who went crazy on Steam.
My best purchase by far is Shatter for $2.50. That game is all kinds of fun. 
- Jim

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Hey Everyone,
Just curious how much damage did the Steam Perils of Summer sale do to your free time and sanity.
Here's what I picked up over the course of the week long journey with Steam. 
Clive Barker's Jericho (Gift)
Commandos Pack
Introversion Pack
Freedom Force Pack
GTA: San Andreas
Just Cause 2
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Killing Floor
Lead and Gold
Left 4 Dead
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
Overlord Pack
Red Faction: Guerilla
Civilization IV: Complete Pack
Thief: Deadly Shadows
Zeno Clash
I have no idea when I am going to have time for all of this. They were such good deals though. 
Hit me up on Steam!
- Jim