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@MariachiMacabre said:@Tim_the_Corsair
"and joining the permanent staff, Ms Leigh Alexander!"
And the next day, mass gamer seppuku was all over the news worldwide.

Wait, she isn't already part of the permanent crew? Could have fooled me...

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@Peanut said:

@RoboRobb said:

When Patrick is on it. Yeah I fuckin' said it

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My dog April sleeping on my leg while I was driving in the truck.
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I'm very sad that his dad died, but I'm glad to have the original four back. So glad that I am planning to renew my sub, if this whole Patrick coming back thing proves to be false. If having an opinion and a sense of personal taste makes me a dick, then so be it.

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@Barrock: There is a fair amount of strife in this topic, but I'd be surprised if we couldn't all reach a consensus on WBC... Fuck those assholes.

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@Mageman said:

It's terrifying that some people actually want to spend a shit ton of money on yet another regulation AND on opening another black market, bound to lead to more crime.

This, a thousand times.

@Jay444111: S'alright.

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@Jay444111: @Demoskinos: I think you guys missed the obvious sarcasm in my post that you replied to, let me try again:

"What a shame that owning a gun is legal in the US. There's no possible way this law-abiding model of humanity could have otherwise obtained a weapon."

I was kind of poking fun of statements like the guy who said his crackhead cousin wouldn't have access to a gun if his dad didn't keep one around. Because everyone knows that crackheads couldn't possibly obtain something that is illegal, like...crack. People break laws everyday in this country, big and small. Why anyone thinks that criminally-minded individuals are just going to give up on having guns if we make it just a little harder for them to obtain them (while making it impossible for law-abiding innocents to defend themselves and their families, to boot) is beyond me.

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What a shame that owning a gun is legal in the US. There's no possible way this law-abiding model of humanity could have otherwise obtained a weapon.

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@Sweep: Fuuu... If this isn't already one, there will probably be a marketing campaign very similar to this now, THANKS!

@golguin: Nah, it looks fine.


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@geraltitude: I saw that when it was posted... Anyway, I understand where you guys are coming from, but I don't think you understand our confusion. Obviously companies need to make money, but that sub (which has been a near complete waste of money, as of late) was pitched as a way to "keep the lights on" and to stall "the enemy at the gate for another day." Now that they have Papa CBS to take care of them, and are actively working alongside the "enemy," it seems really dumb to expect people to continue to donate under the previously outlined parameters.