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I'm not sure which part I find more disturbing about this. That even a single person thought of this idea and followed through with it, or that it's been happening enough to have a colloquial nickname. Sort of akin to that ridiculous trend a few years back where people were putting vodka directly into their eyes to get drunk.

ABC News even did story on the topic

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This is just confusing. They had weeks before E3 to hear from people about many of these policies. Think of all the hours they spent in creating those video presentations. Days later, they pull it all back. They never really even made a case for why people should go with these changes. This had to of been far more than just "listening to feedback". They saw the numbers on something big that didn't look good and panicked. You don't invest the time and money into developing these systems and just drop them without a big reason.

I'm a little disappointed that they're backing off their stance. I was never going to buy an XBOX One, or an XBOX of any kind. I was looking forward to seeing how devastating the sales were going to be this holiday season. Poeple were naturally going to go with a system that was less restrictive and cost less.

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@oginor: You can't use pre-sales as a factor of sales strength. That's the same mistake as the Wii U and the Vita. When Microsoft has their own PR guy going out there and telling military members not to buy the XBOX One because of the 24 hr. check. That's going to bite them in the asa.

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Price will be a huge point, but what if the XBOX One comes out first? This should be an interesting sales number year.

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I actually have to wonder about all the people who don't follow all the news on systems. How many will actually buy the XBOX One with no idea of all the restrictions it will have? We could see people buying and returning once they learn that.

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Well, HEAVENLY SWORD was already nearly a film to begin with,

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Rats, I like Conner and the wilderness free climbing.

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It's a nice follow up to the previous article and the issue of sexism in the gaming industry. Job well done, Patrick.

Too bad so many of the comments are little more that ignorant bile. Yes, it's a stupid statue, but I can very much understand why people are bothered by it.

I don't think they were trying to be intentionally offensive, but it's the fact that it got that far into development that is worrisome. At no time did someone in authority ever say, "Should we really do this?".

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This doesn't seem that unusual given that there have also been LEGO Star Wars games long before any of the DC properties, and Disney now owns both the Marvel and Star Wars IPs. I wonder what the ties are between Disney and Warner Bros.?

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This is a round of UNCHARTED 3's Team Deathmatch that I played solo in a random public match. We were losing pretty regularly through much of the match, but I was able to pull out the win for my team by pushing us ahead. That shotgun can be a beast, but it's only short range.

This is a round of UNCHARTED 3's Team Deathmatch that I played with a group a few weeks ago, one of which is a Giant Bomb community member X19. While I came out on top of this match with a 14-4 K/D, Pete normally kicks my ass in score whenever we play together. I kind of got lucky this match.

I know the video ends suddenly at the end, but I was having a problem converting the video when I let the video go too long. It would lock up my PS3. This was the only version that would work right. This video as my first time using the annotation options.