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The Idiot's Review With Sarcasm - Far Cry 2 1

I know this review of the game is a little late as it came out exactly one year ago. But I have to admit, I’m a little hazy on the game. It’s strange, from what I remember of the game, it takes place in a place called- hold on, bad writing, let me try that again, it takes place in a city called , that didn’t come out too well either, oh well. So to refresh my memory of the game, I looked at some screen caps, that’s when I realized that I got the game confused with an incredibly identical game, G...

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The Idiot's Review of Sarcasm - Persona 4 1

So I've been a fan of the website Giantbomb. Maybe you've heard of it (lawlz, funny joke NOBODY has ever made before). Every so often, the website's editors, Jeff Gertsmann and Vinny Corleone, embark on an epic journey called the Endurance Run. This isn't a sequel to the Simon Pegg film Run Fatboy Run. However, there are jokes to be heard in the video feature. But what exactly are the two joking about? A little game called Persona 4. But read this review and you will understand that the game ITS...

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