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I know this topic is mainly focused on Book 4, but I'm still on Book 2 and I just wanted to get your guys opinion on Book 2 Beginnings being supremely spectacular.

By far, my favorite paired episodes in the entire Avatar series, thus far. That arc had the heart and quality of a Hayao Miyazaki film. If the franchise were to ever return to the big screen, I would hope it would base itself with this story line and characters. Just fantastic in every aspect; art, music, choreography of fights, emotional moments, character growth, all of it got me saying wowowowowow. Does anything in the series after this point match the grandness of these episodes?

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@ben_h: When you quit without notice, in the end, all you've really accomplished is in creating a hassle for management and co-workers. His/her coworkers have to cover his/her would-be shifts and management has to make a quick scramble to find somebody to replace him/her as soon as possible. All the situation has really done is cause others around him to stress more, especially during the holidays.

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Quitting without notice is kinda a dick move. I do give you credit for realizing you are in over your head, though. Use this as a life lesson.

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A little disappointed in people talking down on some of those nominated because they are "Youtubers". Just because they don't have the luxury of having a large following on their own website doesn't make them any less deserving or hardworking. It makes us look pretty snobbish, frankly.

Not that I don't think Jeff isn't the most "trending" or whatever that means. I'll vote for Jeff for anything at any chance I get.

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Yo! Giant Bomb Raps

I've been seeing a significant lack of Hip-Hop discussion on these boards. I wasn't sure if that was due to pure lack of interest in the genre or if there just wasn't really a venue to talk about it. Hoping for the latter, I've created a hub to discuss anything Hip-Hop/Rap.

Talk about what you've been listening to, old and new releases, who you think every person on the planet should listen to, who you think is wack (That means lame for the uninformed) or ask for recommendations if you're a newcomer or are just having trouble finding any new artist to pick up. I plan to revisit this thread and update it with any new hip-hop album I listen to.

So without further ado, here is what I've been recently bumping:

Logic - Under Pressure

Never heard of the dude before this release. Was pleasantly surprised by the high production value, the very intricate beats, and Logic's colorful flow. The Tarantino and Christopher Nolan references were also pleasant to hear on a pretty classic sounding style of rap. However, with sequential listen thrus, I find it harder and harder to like the album due to Logic just straight up lifting rapping styles from other modern rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake. It's an album I really want to love, but I find it hard to see this guy as genuine when he just rips lines from all the songs he's listen to in the last two years. (Soul Food is the track Jeff was referring to when discussing ballads in Rap music)

Notable tracks:

Logic - Soul Food

Logic - Buried Alive

Logic - Nikki

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2

Fuckboys beware, this album is legit as shit. I'm a relative newbie to Run the Jewels. I didn't pick up their first album until a couple months ago. I wish I listened to the El-P/Killer Mike duo from day one because I now feel like I've missed out on life every moment I slept on them. Not as breathtaking as their first release, but offering a fuller album that features a larger spread of emotions than the original, there are many gems to catch here. Almost completely different from the Logic album in a production standpoint, as somebody who is growing tired of the trap sound a lot of modern hip-hop has been experiencing as of late, I find El-P's version of filthy beats to be much more fun and colorful than the majority of what is released today. Paired with the raw, but not-trying-to-hard lyrics of Killer Mike, this is a dangerous duo that should definitely be noted.

Notable tracks:

RTJ - Blockbuster Night Part 1

RTJ - Oh My Darling Don't Cry

RTJ Ft. Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine - Close Your Eyes

RTJ - Early

So does anybody have any opinions on these albums? What are some of your guys' all time favorite albums? WHAT THA FUCK ARE YA'LL BUMPIN'?????

Disclaimer: This is not a thread to start arguments about dissing (disrespecting) an entire genre of music. Debating about an artist is one thing, but blindly raging about how much you dislike the entire genre with no other reason than "lololol they just talk and c'rap'" is just lame and unwanted.

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Great timing as Mario Party 10 will probably be out by the time they finish the next 50 turns.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuck no.

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Jeff has never told us about him peeing on things. I just wanted to point that out and possibly request somebody to animate that into a video... possibly.

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@dentist: Ah fu- shoot :( Keeping it professional then.

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@vonocourt: I've never been more serious about the questioning of using the word "fuck"!