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Fuuuuuuuuuuck no.

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Jeff has never told us about him peeing on things. I just wanted to point that out and possibly request somebody to animate that into a video... possibly.

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@dentist: Ah fu- shoot :( Keeping it professional then.

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@vonocourt: I've never been more serious about the questioning of using the word "fuck"!

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@rorie Should I avoid using the word "Fuck" in my cover letter? Basically my question is, how much on the up-and-up are the CBS HR people in terms of applying for a position that works on a project called "Unprofessional Fridays?"

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Its obviously a message from God telling us to take our asses to church.

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Jack Tretton. Then the GB team can launch a new Ouya.

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Can anybody give me the times the debating begins and ends? If it just resembles forum negativity and angry arguing instead of a well formed debate then I'd like to just skip it. I come to the Bombcast to feel good at the end of rough days, not listen to guys I respect act stubborn about something petty.

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Earlier today I was at my university library trying to get my study grind on. Not too long into reading, I begin to hear *click click click click click click click click click click* from ACROSS the room. This duder was about 20 meters away. I tried to not think much of it and put in some earbuds (gross I know) and I could still easily hear the clicking while quiet talking from the people right next to me was drowned out.

I am interested in what you guys think about "clicking courtesy." Should there be one? Is playing any game requiring constant and furious clicking in a supposed quiet environment acceptable because the volume of the game is turned off? Is it just as harmless as eating a bag of chips next to somebody reading?

By the way, after some point I walked by just out of curiosity to see what he was playing. It was LoL.

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Did the AI seem frustratingly stupid to anybody else? You kick in a door and they turn in the opposite direction from where the door is. You blow open a wall with explosives and the Helghast in that room don't budge or bother to find cover as if the explosion was somebody ripping one.