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I've always wanted to play Nocturne but I keep forgetting about it. Thank you for reminding me! I'll track down a copy as soon as possible.

I can't really remember how far into Strange Journey you'd be at 10 hours. Maybe near the end of Boötes? The game gets quite a bit better after that in my opinion (as well as MUCH harder. Boötes' final boss is brutal). But since I haven't played Nocturne I can't really say which I'd prefer.

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Both games are fantastic and have their pros and cons so I can't really choose

Did anyone else play SMT: Strange Journey? I'm not sure how I felt about its story since it was just so....strange, but after P4 and P3 it's definitely my favorite SMT game. The bosses were so friggin' hard and actually required a lot of planning to take down (at least in my case).

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@mattyftm: Yeah, DS9 is fantastic. Garak quickly became my favorite character out of all the shows . Too bad he wasn't in more episodes

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@naru_joe93: Agreed. Problem with the current college system is if you mess up one exam, you're basically fucked. At least that's what I've seen so far. Example: there were only three grades in my Modern Empires course; one for each exam we had. What I didn't know (and what no one else in the class knew coming in) is that those tests are ridiculously hard. The professor pulled questions from the most obscure places that had absolutely nothing to do with how well we knew the history of the world from 1000 CE to 1945 CE. Long story short, I did poorly on ONE test and couldn't recover.

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@horsefactory: 1Q84 is one of my favorite books. Have issues with the second half of it, though. Not sure if that's due to the two halves being translated by different people.

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Yeah, I'll be failing my math class this semester. The grad student teaching the class could barely explain anything so I spent about half the semester trying to teach myself from the book. Made a B on the midterm but I realized that even if I could pass the class there was no point in attending if I wasn't getting anything out of it. Missed the third exam and the final. I'll retake it next semester hopefully with a better teacher.

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did exactly as you told me and so far so good! thank you so much for the help

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Yeah that's the exact same problem i'm having. It mostly happens during load screens and the only way to get out is to ctr alt delete. Thanks for the advice! i'll try it right now.

I already checked the cables and they're fine. Only star trek is having connection issues

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I just downloaded star trek online today using steam and i'm playing on a free-to-play account. Every 5 or so minutes i'll be disconnected from the server. When i alt tab out of the game when this happens, my internet is clearly still working but it will say a cable has been unplugged. However it will immediately be fixed and say i'm connected again and I can log back into the game for another 5 minutes before i become disconnected from the server. I've been to the technical support page and nothing they suggest is helping. Does anyone know what's going on? I really want to play this game but in its current state it's impossible.

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@TranceQuina: Sorry about the late reply. The only way you can get more than the base ten is to buy the spell again in NG+, bumping you up to 20.