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FOO FIGHTERS! idk.....
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somehow i knew i would get nothing but bj jokes if i posted this.....

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My girlfriends getting braces really soon and I have them too. Shes scared they might lock whenever we kiss but I've heard that braces locking is only like a urban myth. Has anyone ever actually had their braces lock while kissing or is this only something you see in the movies?

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yeah, i dont find this funny, with the swine flu approaching my area quickly but whatever. i dont play wow so i dont really care. blizzard can do what they want

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1. Prayer of the Refugee- Rise Against
2. The Good Left Undone- RIse Against
3. Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja- Lostprophets
4. Give It All- RIse Against
5. Voices off Camera- Rise Against
6. Like the Angel- Rise Against
7. Heaven Knows- Rise Against
8. Injection- Rise Against
9. Welcome to 1984- Anti-Flag
10. Holiday- Green Day
11. Black Mamba- The Academy Is
12. Spitting Venom- Modest Mouse
13. Last Train Home- Lostprophets
14. Can't Catch Tomorow- Lostprophets
15. The New Transmission- Lostprophets
16. The Groove- Muse
17. Stranger Things Have Happened- Foo Fighters
18. Dashboard- Modest Mouse
19. Hysteria- Muse
20. Ready To Fall- Rise Against
21. Start Something- Lostprophets
22. A Town Called Hypocrisy- Lostprophets
23. People As Places As People- Modest Mouse
24. Map of the Problematique- Muse
25. One More Weekend- The Academy Is...

So I'm like a total Rise Against nut right now. Before I changed Itunes accounts though, like most of my top 20 was Muse songs but I'm diversifying a bit now :)

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I'm stoked! I really dont care about single player in battlefield games so this kind of release is great with me!

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heck yeah! i have had a 360 with the E74 sitting around for like 3 months because I dont have the money to pay for it. Thank God

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BoG said:
"I wasn't calling you an idiot for being new to skating. I didn't even call you an idiot, I said that I think that by posting a whole bunch of cool, brand name stuff on an internet forum you were doing more than asking for advice. If you read my post, I point this out. It's ridiculous to buy brand name hardware, girptape, and risers, and if you were going to, why ask us? You know, working in a skateboard shop my self, why not go to your local shop and ask them? It's their job. Not only will they be able to get you started with the right gear, they can give you some pointers for a beginner, tell you some good spots, and perhaps you'll even make a friend to skate with. It comes down to the fact that I've seen people do this kind of thing before, they post cool gear onto a website and say "which is best?" And as for the LBP music, it legitimately came out of skateboard discussion, as you'll see if you read the posts."

My local skateshop only sells name brand stuff. Zero, Element, Spitfire and the like, so thats what they told me to pick up. If you have other recomendations, I'm open to them. I was just trusting the guys at my shop (its a Waterboyz if you need to know) but maybe they're wrong. who knows? lol not me since I'm new
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I love how a mod somehow managed to call me a idiot because I'm new to skating and then hijacking my thread into a talk about LBP music......classy guys, just plan classy. flame me for asking about skateboards, but not the millions of other dumber topics out there that are way less valid. This is off-topic, so it doesnt matter if Im talking about games. seriously