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Is this game still broken specifically on the xbox one?

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Saw the quicklook for this game and thought it looked super neat and brutal, but i was also thinking about how i would love to play this on my Ipad, has anyone heard anything about a port or anything?

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@matt Signed up first time doing it pretty excited

Starting on Friday at 6pm CDT

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Atoms for Peace- Amok

Loved this album its a supergroup with the producer/pianist(Nigel Godrich) and Vocalist (Thom Yorke) both from Radiohead if you listen to them, then Flea the bassist for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Joey Waronker the Drummer for Beck and R.E.M.

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Dude that looks great

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@jdh5153: Yeah there is, it's not a universial app and there is also an in app purchase to get the multiplayer.

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2K just realased an update to the Civ game for iPhone and it added multipayer! I was looking for some duder to play with just post your gamecenter ID.

Be warned that if you do buy the game to play mulitplayer it's an extra 3 dollars to get it.

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Do we know if all 8 GB of RAM are gddr5?

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I would recommend F Scott Fitzgerald, he's not a sci-fi writer, but i just finished The Great Gatsby and loved it, and it was pretty short.