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The puck physics make a huge difference and are the best they've ever been. I find myself scoring and getting scored on in so many more ways then usual. It honestly feels more like the real game to me in this regard.The commentary sounds better than in the EA overhead gameplay videos. Visuals are pretty good, especially the crowds and the atmosphere in the arenas.In all, this seems to have address most of the issues I've had with the series the past few years.

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Looking for PC code if any generous soul has an extra.

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I'd like Blur 2.

RIP Bizarre Creations

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Sorry if there is already a topic but I could not find one. If I download Assassin's Creed from the PSN store, Could I play the single player while my PS4 is not connected to the internet?

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that alexis pic!

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@castiel said:

Well a good week or so after the game has been released it well be accused of every crime committed.

This. I have a feeling that GTAO will also cause more negative coverage

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look at the size of that polo emblem!

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Hmm how can they change processor speed at this stage? overclocking?

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Well the 22nd was the date being floated around the most