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Boooo! I already have all the games minus wipeout which I really don't care about. Oh well, I knew I shouldn't have bought Dead Nation....

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Looks promising to me. Crystal Dynamics won me over with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. For me, it was the best game of the year. It had fantastic dual stick action, spiced up with platforming, puzzling and exploration, while rewarding the player in meaningful ways. It also had the best co-op multiplayer I ever played, with characters that have different abilities requiring players to work together in order to solve the puzzles. It was meaningful and fun all the way through with varied and entertaining level design. So yeah, I'm looking forward to Crystal Dynamics' next offering.

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Gearbox is a very talented studio and if someone can finally pull off DNF, they can.

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The commercial is really funny but I think such apps should be free (as the IGN app is for example) as it endorses the site.

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I reckon: fake, it's way too smooth. I loved the first BG&E, I hope this one comes out alright.