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HandsomeDead said:
"Considering Heath Ledger was an abysmal actor who had one good turn, Robert Downey Jr. is way out of his league."
You're a fucking moron. Go die in a big pit of FAIL.
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Fax said:
"Jolly_Lolly said:
"Well, it couldn't be any worse than Family Guy, at least I don't think.."

It will be exactly the same."
Why so serious?
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ROFL, they have little people standing by to block things from view. That's just awesome.

I feel sorry for the weightlifting dude though.

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Dude, if America declared war on the world... mmmmm, well, I guess that gives EA a good excuse to not add international Xbox Live play to their crappy games.

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I have given it up twice, came back to it though. I play about 2 hours a week average now though, waiting for WOTLK.

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Haha, I have dissaproved your Riddler theory's!

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Batman = Clooney. Bruce = Bale.

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I cant find it either.

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OK, I have found the entire first 5 minutes of The Dark Knight here Tell us where to pause to see his name and I will give you a virtual cookie.

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TurboMan said:
"the name plate on the bank owner desk says

E. Nigma"
If you or anyone can prove that I will swallow my words, but why would they get a man like William Fichtner to play the Riddler, when they could get Johnny Depp?
No offense to William, but he is reletively low brow compared to Johnny, or maybe i'm just wrong about everything and should shut up :(