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E3 bombcast maybe?

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They have a website where you can check what your usage has been like in the past but for some reason they have yet to get it up and running for people who have AT&T in my area.

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The sound my Xbox makes, Its really fucking loud.

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Sacramento, CA
a) Soda
b) Couch
c) Tennis Shoes

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It looks great and when I saw Greg Grunberg it just became that much better.

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I had that same surgery over a year and a half ago. Don't worry about the anesthesia, The second they had the needle in my arm I was out, The stuff they use for surgery is far more potent than what they used when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. 
I'd be more worried about the time after the surgery, Since your only having the upper jaw worked on you may or may not have to stay in the hospital overnight. That was by far the worst part of the whole deal. I had a hard time sleeping, swallowing was difficulty and I had plenty of bloody noses. Everything after that should be a lot better.

A few things I would get if you haven't already are the ocean spray nasal spray because you will have a seriously runny nose with blood possibly. I'd also get a large variety of different foods you can have that you rotate every other day. I know that half way through the ten days that I had my mouth wired shut I was sick and tired of ensure, v8 and tomato soup. I found that milkshakes were a great way to get a large amount of calories and have something that I never grew tired of. 
If you have any questions feel free to ask I'll do my best to answer them.
I sure you'll be fine though.

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@natetodamax:  Have you seen Twin Peaks have you?
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Miner Dig Deep
Epic Dungeon
Beat Hazard
Breath of Death
Zombie Estate
Pixel Arkedo Series 003
Crossfire 2
Soulcaster 2
These are all ones that I enjoyed and were pretty good quality and at a great price.
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@benjaebe:  That was my biggest issue with the demo. A lot of the options were unavailable, couldn't mess around with the inventory and the text is ridiculously small (but thats my own problem). Other than that I really like the immediacy of the combat. I also love having the move to point option.
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@angelfan91: Agreed. but Rush has been getting the finger from them for a while now.