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Starting this Saturday (Jan 18) I’m going to start hosting a bi-weekly ARMA III session at 12:00pm (PST) with ACRE and MCC Mission Editor mods. I’m hoping that having a regular, organized, event will bring a few of you out for some fun. Everyone is welcome, but there are a few expectations. The type of gameplay will be “tacticasual”.

Players should be roleplaying. If you choose to be the squad leader, you should be leading the squad. If you’re not the squad leader, you should be following orders. If you’re the medic, you don’t take point. If you’re the AR, you provide overwatch and suppression. If you’re AT, save your missiles for hard targets. Lone wolf and rambo play styles aren’t welcome. Keep radio chatter focused and save goofing off for direct communication within your squad. Gameplay will be challenging so don’t expect to have a full arsenal at your disposal.

If you're not already in the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub group on steam, you should sign up so you can get notified of the event:

ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Mod

If you’re unfamiliar with ACRE, it is a radio mod that provides another layer of gameplay immersion. It allows for communication within and between squads without everyone having to be in the same VOIP channel.

You must have Teamspeak 3 installed to run ACRE (

Download this and follow the instructions in the README to install the ACRE mod.

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@slowbird said:

I would say that a sizable percentage of serious iRacers use triple-monitor setups to get the peripheral vision that is otherwise lacking. I'd like to do that someday too, when free monitors fall out of the sky and land on my desk.

Yeah, three monitors seems like a better setup than TrackIR. Easier to glance around than turn your whole head. Oculus Rift would be a good option too if it doesn't make you dizzy.

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This makes me want to play forza again. :(

Two things: 1) Does this support head tracking? I kept wanting to look to the right to see if where other drivers were alongside you. 2) You should get a heart rate monitor and hook up the display to your recording. :D

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@Hero_Swe: Do you always talk about yourself in the third person?

Also, I wasn't "confused". I was merely making sure we weren't followed. Yeah... that's it.

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I tend to the lean the other direction. I have a hard time playing StarCraft because it's too fast for me. I enjoyed the slower pace of SupCom. The unit cap bummed me out as well, but I learned to just start throwing units around like they were nothing so it wasn't that big of a deal.

You mentioned problems getting units out. StarCraft is the same. One unit (or two with a reactor) per building. The solution is the same as well. Lots of buildings.

Something I enjoyed about this series that you didn't mention was the automation. You can give your buildings a pattern of units to build and set it to repeat. As long as your resources are sufficient, those buildings will keep the units coming.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can set up timed attacks so different groups will hit one point at the same time.

One last thing, the AI pathing in SupCom 2 was wayyy better than SupCom 1. They even had a trailer about it.

Loading Video...

Anyway, keep the blogs coming. Big fan of RTS. Eager to see what you'll write about next.

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@MrKlorox said:

Is the Amtrac any weaker in the back or sides like MBTs? Or is it pretty evenly armored all over?

I don't know for sure but I'd guess it's like any other armored vehicle in BF3. Strongest on the front, weaker sides, weakest rear. Probably a good idea in general to face the enemy.

As an aside, I've seen videos showing that angle of incidence is important as well. Projectiles striking at 90deg will do the most damage.

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@Mikemcn said:

When the MCOM is armed, charge in there, the amtrac can't be taken by the enemy, it's tall and wide which makes it an effective barrier against enemy fire, your team can spawn on it to defend and it's a distraction for potential enemy disarmers. It often only needs to last a few seconds to make all the difference.

I'd make the argument that you can have the same effect from a distance. Lobbing grenades on the M-COM station should dissuade or kill anyone who wants to disarm. And spawning right in the middle of the action can be disorienting. But I've seen it work both ways.

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Vehicles are one of the differentiators in the Battlefield franchise and one of the many reasons I love to play. Here is part four of a series of blogs in which I share some tips on how to use them. I’ve broken the classes up into offense and defense. Offense focuses on gameplay using the vehicle, defense focuses on gameplay against the vehicle.


The AMTRAC's primary function is to bring troops to the front lines by acting as a mobile spawn point. It's not very fast, but it's heavily armored and comes with a grenade launcher and heavy machine gun.


As usual, if you can coordinate efforts with a squad or team, things will go much smoother. As of this writing, the turret does not rotate freely from the turning of the body so if you can tell the driver when to hold still you'll be much more accurate.


Don't be Rambo. There's no reason to lead the attack. Instead you should provide fire support and a quick way for your team to get back into the action by spawning on you.

If you can keep the enemy in front of you it will be much easier for your teammates to repair without getting shot.

Cover the M-COM stations from a distance. The grenade launcher can be quite the deterrent to anyone trying to defuse.

Sometimes drivers forget that they can use smoke to throw off guided missiles.

The smoke looks nothing like this in BF3...

Sometimes gunners forget that there are two firing modes. Grenade launcher and machine gun. Don't forget to use the appropriate tool for the job.


AMTRAC's are slow and big. Their high profile makes them easy targets for any kind of projectile, so fire away. Javelins can be particularly effective as infantry are often hopping out of the vehicle. Any armor can easily defeat an AMTRAC from a distance. The only threat comes from the grenade launcher. If you're far enough away you'll be hard to zero in on.

If you don't have anything to destroy the AMTRAC, you can still hang out and shoot infantry that emerge.

And Here's a Video

Here's a video of my brothers and I using the AMTRAC on Wake Island Rush the other night.

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