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- Geralt goes crazy rag doll every time he's killed. Similar to GTA V rag doll but with less gravity (pretty funny)

I actually laugh out loud every time I see this. Reminds me of that RC Cola ad from the 90's.


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  • Combat on the horse = not a good idea. Just get off and take it from there.

Hold down strong attack on horseback to slow down time and wreck people's faces with your sword. It's super effective.

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This is all a ruse between Kojima and Konami to push PT onto as many PS4's as possible just to pull something wild out of the hat, like having Lisa the ghost appear on everyone's screen at the time of the family's murder prior to release. That's what I'd do anyway...

*runs away sobbing*

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Never had a customer service job before, but I've been backing and following Star Citizen for a couple of years now and can tell you that they most certainly do 'need' more CS people, I'd expect to deal with the Concierge level backers that have pledged <$1000. Chelsea and Alexis were basically the only two for awhile and have been backlogged with tickets for awhile now, bless their hearts. The UK branch, where they're focusing on the Squadron 42 aspect, seems to be a lot more low-key than the Santa Monica offices, but I don't work there so I can't say for certain, obviously. But Chris Roberts' brother, Erin, runs the UK offices, and was at the helm of Star Lancer while Digital Anvil was a thing, which was awesome. So there's that. It's also going to be a big year for their development, with lots of new stuff coming down the pipeline and the alpha of the actual persistent universe rolling out towards the end of the year, so I'd expect crunch times to be pretty frequent, if not constant. Maybe best time to show up if you're looking for an 'in' to the industry?

Dunno if that helps, but good luck with either decision you make :)

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@bollard said:

Star Citizen has an FPS section now? Jesus christ they have too much money. And they have no idea what they are doing.

That said, I really am excited for UT. The mod store could make it extremely interesting. Fingers crossed!

The FPS element has always been in the roadmap. It was expanded upon as early as the 5 million mark, and will be featured at PAX Australia.

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Bob Ross usually, and specific pronunciation of certain consonant sounds, but usually not when it sounds forced like in most ASMR audio. It's hard to explain, which is kind of the nature of the beast to begin with.

Was definitely one of those things I grew up thinking everyone experienced when they watched NOVA documentaries in the 90's as a child. A strange thing, this fairly recent fascination with it is.

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If games aren't affecting you in a detrimental way (which is more of a personal question) then he's basically using them as the new flavor of scapegoat for any and all perceived problems, which isn't uncommon. The same thing happened with TV, new genres of music, and so on with most new media.

Being upset probably won't help the situation, but you have the right to be if you want to.

He's not so much wrong as he simply doesn't understand why you enjoy them, which isn't really something you prove or disprove. He'll either continue to be dismissive and scornful of them, or eventually accept them as a new form of media. Either way, it's more about if he's accurate in his assumption that they're a distraction to your general responsibilities. If they're not, then it's basically a non-issue. Some people are just stubborn in how they perceive new ideas or mediums.

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Chris discussing the FPS elements at PAX East 14