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@fattony12000: Grimmie92 for Xbox One and I'm in New Zealand so ANZAC as well?

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@binny: got most of it done this week but i have been hanging out there for a while anyway, got a couple of caves to go still

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I dont know if anybody is still playing, but now that TI4 is over im no longer glued to playing dota so I should be on from time to time, I'll keep checking here for new comers, otherwise see you in-game!

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@automatontribe: they appear to drive through a fair amount of city territory which has a lot of lights and stuff early on, they also have to drive over the mountains towards the end, ive never had to make that drive but when my family went on vacations in Hungary, the 150 hour drive to the lake took like 3+ hours just cos the roads were trash so i can understand that sometimes travel times arent what they appear they should be

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Correct my if I'm wrong.. but didn't they specifically say the Arkham Knight is a brand new villain created specifically for this game? so guessing who he is going by what happens in comics seems kinda nonsensical since he has never appeared in a comic ever?

In any case, i cant bring myself to play these games, i fall off them before the story concludes in each one i have picked up so im just gonna ignore this one alltogether

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Since the rollout of the "new games" tab or about 3 nights ago when I noticed the tab on the front page, I can't log in to the site. The Xbox 360 browser reckons is down. "can't connect to the website" and "the website is down or we can't connect to the internet" is about all of the useful info.

Since you need the download button to watch any content on the website using a 360, this is kinda stopping me from watching the extra life archives so the sooner it is fixed the better :)

Thanks in advance!

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I've never really understood who the magical little elves are that are filling out wikis/wikia sites at a faster rate than I can read them. Here, today, you shattered that illusion and now I know that at least some of them are just human beings.. Thanks a lot you jerk.

But seriously, good stuff! While i dont care much for RE specifically its kinda nice to know you guys are out there incase I need ya.

I shall henceforth dub you Dobbie.

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got a tonne of friend requests this morning, great to see people picking up the game, servers are down atm unfortunately and i have to go to work soon but ill try getting in touch with you guys asap, try whispering me if you see me log in as my friends list is a massive mess atm

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@extomar: Diablo, Starcraft and WoW Expansions cost approximately the same as buying ESO..

The rest of your message i cant even be bothered replying to, im too busy playing ESO to care about your negative nancy attitude

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@extomar: for the large part what you are talking about is preorder bonuses, ive yeat to earn a single thing in a blizzard or valve game that has affected another game, even purchased for that matter, outside of buying collectors/preorder versions of the game which gives bonuses to their other properties. Id also like to point out that not a single on of the Blizzard properties is cheap or free other than Hearthstone, if you wish to earn these crossgame rewards that is.

One of my best friends IRL complained because ESO broke away from the genre in such a way that he (whose latest and probably most played MMO under his belt is WoW) couldnt comprehend to be a good thing. The issue he had was the lack of a Global Auction House.

  • MMOs have for a long time been using AHs, but for the large part only MMOs that have you locked to a single server are after creating your character making the market limited (WoW, SWTOR, GW2).
  • Other MMOs, some of which let you swap between server shards (and the community normally chooses a certain shard to be the primary Trading Shard) let you create a shop in a map that is determined by the developers to be the "Marketplace" of the game, and you can put your items up for sale, anyone who clicks on your little stall can browse youre wares (Conquer Online, Battle of the Immortals)
  • Elder Scrolls Online achieves a very good hybrid in its method, the only way to sell an item to other players other than direct trade is to use a guild store. every guild with over 50 members can have a store (admittedly this requirement is a little steep) and these stores are exclusive to members of said guild, the only way for outsiders to browse the wares of the guild is if that guild has conquered a keep in Cyrodiil (the PvP map) and claimed it for the Guild. at this point anyone of that alliance can click on an NPC and buy items in the guild's store. If you wish to experience the market at large you can join up to 5 player-made guilds so you could have access to the wares of up to 2,495 people and players have already taken to creating "East Empire Trading Co." and other such guilds that will be guilds purely for trading, they are not your friends, they will likely crank up the prices for their own benefit. But if you create a guild with your friends, or as I did, with the userbase of the Giant Bomb Community, you can police your own prices, and create a micro-economy that is free from the pressure of the market at large, sell things for below NPC prices to help guild mates, or buy from the guild store instead of an NPC to give your Guild-mate the gold he desperately needs to feed his horse.

If that isnt Innovation, or Imagination, or Creativity i dont know what is. It fits lore much better than the sentiment that there is a person who exists in every town in the game simultaneously and has a backpack that contains every item ever conceived that is willing to sell it to you for a cut of the profit which will go to some random person you cant even be sure really exists. It also helps keep the market in check because the market is no loner global, if you dont like the prices in a guild, you can go elsewhere, join the Aldmeri Traders Union instead.