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Duder, you should totally be kicking new players off the map in Undeadburg instead of helping them.

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Why was Moron excluded?

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You should get used to it. Microsoft is discontinuing WIndows XP (the bulk of 32 bit windows installations) support in April, 2014. I work as a software engineer and we are removing XP support from our software as well.

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@groin: Am I right to think that you've played an awful lot of tribes? (esdf and right click)

I mostly played CTF in Quake 2 and played a small amount of Tribes.

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@groin: Right click to jump? What kind of madman are you?

A casual-stomping mad man.

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I use some variant of this scheme for most games. ESDF for movement, spacebar for crouching, right mouse button for jumping. Weapon keys on Q,W,R,T,A,G,Z,X,C,V.

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@groin: To me the only real problem there is the golden Golem and it's placement. Everything else is fine. Dusk talks about Oolacile. You eventually find a magical trinket in the place that researches magic and the description mentions or alludes to Oolacile. 2 + 2. As Nasar said, it's not meant to be a thing you do quickly. The Painted World is the same way. Remember that involves;

1: Either trying to interact with the painting to learn something is up or Finding the doll and realising what it's talking about a [huge] painting that you can miss if you don't look back at where you came from after the catwalk section.

2: Knowing you can go back to the Undead Asylum and to your cell and figuring out how to even get there.

What if you never knew you could go back to the tutorial area? The only hint is that you might just see an item you couldn't get (Rust Ring)? What if you clear the Painting Hall without looking around to see this painting because I know I was through that fog door ASAP so I didn't have to do that tightrope act again. What if, as you have pointed out, they don't read the dolls description?

I'm not saying that the DLC is easy to access for your average player but if you figured out the painted world then the DLC isn't beyond figuring out. I've seen a few blind runs manage to find Dusk and once you've done that the rest isn't all that difficult. You've got to pay attention and have a good memory but hey, that's kind of all of Dark Souls.


Let's look at this further;

1. kill the Hydra in Darkroot Basin

Something you are almost always going to do. it's hard to miss.

2. exit area or view loading screen

Totally fair here, the game drops the ball hard here.

3. kill gold crystal golem in Darkroot Basin

I'd say finding it is the main thing but once you've walked out to find the ladder curiosity will take explorer type players to the Golem (assuming they got it to load)

4. talk to Dusk

Who isn't going to talk to the lady that jumped out a golem? Non-step.

5. kill crystal golem in Duke's Archives to get the Broken Pendant

Kill an enemy. Not difficult. No worse than killing an enemy for a level key.

6. return to the gold golem location in Darkroot Basin and enter portal

If, and I know it's the big if, you found it once before it'd be the second place to go after Dusk's summon sign.

And just because I'm a dick and I know it;

1:Get onto the platform above the lifts,

2: Make the jump to the stairs and curl up into a ball and wait for a longer while than you'd think sensible,

3: "Let's go check out my old room" which involves a fight with a Black Knight and possibly a Stray Demon. Optional fights but I just like mentioning the Stray Demon.

4: Work out what the doll is for and know about the painting.

5: Know you have to actually go up and poke the painting. Not most obvious thought in the world.

Now, I'm not trying to say the DLC is a great piece of design because it sure fuckin' ain't but man, accessing Painted is also kind of BS.

Doing these steps is not sufficient though. You have to do them in that order. You ignored my comment about clearing Duke's Archives before killing the Hydra. The golem in Duke's only drops the pendant after step 4. What if a player has already killed Seath, Nito, and Troll Of Chaos? Why would they ever go back to Duke's Archives after killing the Hydra and Sif?

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@popogeejo said:

In fairness, the DLC is only just a bit more convoluted to get to than the Painted World. Really, the only problem was putting it in such a weird place no one would normally go to.

The steps to enter the DLC are WAY more convoluted than getting to the Painted World.

1. kill the Hydra in Darkroot Basin

2. exit area or view loading screen

3. kill gold crystal golem in Darkroot Basin

4. talk to Dusk

5. kill crystal golem in Duke's Archives to get the Broken Pendant

6. return to the gold golem location in Darkroot Basin and enter portal

What if the player cleared Duke's Archives before killing the Hydra? Would they ever go back there on their own accord after killing the Hydra? If they did go back to Duke's then they might just walk past the crystal golem since it doesn't aggro unless you walk next to it.

If they somehow perform these steps in the correct order then it's not obvious what the Broken Pendant is for. The average player doesn't read item descriptions or they might have missed the fact that Dusk is from Oolacile. Let's pretend they remember that Dusk is from Oolacile and they back to talk to her. She doesn't tell you to revisit the gold golem location. Why would the player go back there for a second time?