Here comes a new challenger!

Even though I've already been here about a week and have even written another blog already, I figured I might as well make a blog that says, "I'm here," introducing me and whatnot. 
So, I'm a gamer, as you probably gathered. I've been playing video games since Street Fighter 2, which isn't all that long to some of you. But to others that'll make me look old.  
I figure that I should explain my name before the question is asked. It's the name of a Khajiit character I made on Morrowind and somehow became the name I use for almost everything.
I like fighting games a lot, as well as RPGs and strategy games. I also play other games like shooters from time to time. My favorite game series is Soul Calibur, followed by either Knights of the Old Republic or the Elder Scrolls... and then the other. After that would probably be Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 
I don't really have anything particularly interesting or enlightening to say at the moment... So... Hi. I'm Habast.


A Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Retold

By now, most of the people who are reading this probably know that the next game of the Soul Calibur series is well underway.  I'm going to address some questions about the game, features I want to see, and features already announced and my opinions on then. 

So, why make another Soul Calibur game? 

Firstly, there are still many fans of the series (myself included), and when there's still money to be made, Namco will milk it for everything its worth. 
Secondly, Soul Calibur's fighting system and overall "feel" is an itch that no other fighting game can scratch. I love Tekken and Street Fighter, but Soul Calibur fulfills its own niche in the genre that I would definitely miss. It is undoubtedly my favorite fighting game series. 
Third... Well, that's pretty much it. SC kicks ass and needs another game. 

What will be different this time around? 

So far, it has been announced that the following changes are taking place: 
1. The game is taking place 17 years after the last game, so a lot of the cast will be new characters (roughly half, I'm told) . I think this was a good idea. It gives the game the chance to be fresh and new feeling.
2. Critical Finishes are going bye-bye, and being replaced with Critical Edges. These will be super attacks similar to those used in Street Fighter.  I think this is a good change, for sure.
3. Soul Crushes also seem to not be present, the previous spot on the screen it occupied being replaced by a super meter for Critical Edges. While I'm glad Critical Finishes are going... I'm not sure I like the fact that they're taking away a punishment for guarding too much. Some people are just ridiculous with it. 

So, which characters have been confirmed so far?

Returning characters 
New characters 
Patroklos (Sophitia's son) 
Pyyrah (Sophitia's daughter) 
Natsu (a disciple of Taki's) 
Zwei (a character unrelated to previous characters, at least to my knowledge) 
Veterans who I don't think will be returning 
Sophitia (her children both fight with sword&shield, so I think it is unlikely she or her sister Cassandra will return) 
Cassandra (read above) 
Taki (Natsu seems to have replaced her) 
Rock (I'm thinking that his son, Bangoo, will replace him) 
Raphael (much to my dismay, my main will likely be replaced by Amy)
Characters I think we will see make the cut
Bangoo (read above section) 
Amy (it seems it is inevitable that she will replace Raphael and be the only fencer...) 
Others... I'm not too sure about. What do you think? 

 Habast, how are you so awesome? I want to be like you!

That doesn't have anything to do with the game, but thanks. I'm flattered. 
Sorry, excuse my failed attempt at narcissistic humor.