Capcom characters I want to see in a future Versus game.

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Posted by doublezeroduck

Regina! Good idea

Posted by FUN

Regina vs Hauzer.
Epic confirmed

Posted by ZombiePie

It's been a while since this list was first published but looking at the MvC 3 roster it is freaky how correct you were with some of these characters.

Posted by Hailinel
@ZombiePie: Yeah.  Looking back on it, it's kind of bizarre how on the mark I was.
Posted by ZombiePie
@Hailinel:  Mike Haggard, Dante, Nathan Spencer and Sir Arthur... all I can say is well played sir, well played. That and Capcom are friggin crazy ass motherfuckers for actually putting these characters in a Versus game. 
Posted by dragonballzfan

I suggest Chuck Greene. If Frank West is in it, so why not?