GOTY 2013

Here are games I interacted with in the year of 2013, which I perceived as being of a high quality.

In all seriousness, in most years I'm lucky if I play 10 new games period, so I realize that several of these games probably don't qualify, but that's how I roll.

List items

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Posted by cooljammer00

No Brothers?

Posted by Asmo917

Interesting list. I can't remember if I played Dear Esther this year or last, but I'm not sure it would make my list either way. Joking aside, Brothers absolutely will, and I'm pretty sure Saints Row IV and The Last of Us will, too. I'm pretty sure I'll have Infinite and Gone Home in spots 1-2 as well, but not sure about the order yet. Leaning the same way you have them.

Posted by HallwayGiant

Haven't played Brothers, hoping that goes on sale on Steam before the end of the year.