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They need more time to streamline everything. Probably something like this: D pad to select dialog. LB to do blue chicks. LT to do green chick. RB to do humans. RT to do robots. Y to shoot. X to get mission. B to order dlc. A to facebook like the game.

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They were singing to the tune of the intro level on Megaman X. Weird.

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pew pew pew. So are those KPA he is shooting at?

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I had a lot of fun with Mercenaries 2 except the part where you interact with the helicopter guy. Whenever I needed a lift from the PMC we would all of the sudden be out of bounds and I would have to medvac if I wanted to keep my gear or else I would die. Every time I would call him out in the field he would fuck up too. When it came to getting lift I would be booted out of the chopper when selecting a place on the map for almost half of my attempts to go somewhere. When airlifting supplies he would just hover there and do nothing at the same amount of attempts as it took to go somewhere. As long as they fix that in the next game then Im all for it.

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I always name my character "son" so everyone says "hey son!" like on mega64

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Nikola Telsa and Edwin Howard Armstrong are both from the future and were stranded back in time when they ran out of space gas to fuel their time machine.

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I enjoy BlazBlue very much. I have slowed down in the last two months since I purchased it but I still pick it up every now and then. Its fast and there are a lot of things flying around the screen at once but I am used to it since I used to play a lot of guilty gear. The sound track is also pretty rad.

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Lost Planet - Couldn't figure out how to control the super VS and haven't played since that first attempt.
Mercenaries 2 - I hate "push the button when indicated" sequences.