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I could add more games to this list, but pages for them do not yet exist on Giant Bomb.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I have to remember to look some of these up.  Played Warning Forever and never got very far.  Trilby I unlocked a bunch of costumes but never perfected it (I heart stealth games).  Knytt is often copied by more popular games, which is unfortunate because its atmosphere is just unparalleled (the music goes a long way toward that).

Posted by NinjaDuckie

I've played five of these, and I played through Iji three times, every time doing it differently.  I eventually got both the supreme murderer rating and the Pacifist rating, involving going through the entire game without killing anyone which is kind of hard because of the need to upgrade your weapons ability alongside your health and cracking. 
Good list. <3

Posted by IamTerics

Woa. Ive played all of these. Awesome list nonetheless.