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Ddongpari (Breathless) (2008) - Wow. What an...abusive movie. Breathless is incredibly slow-moving and heavy-handed in it's depiction of the misery of domestic violence, and the cyclical nature of it. Always menacing. Always upsetting. Always lingering a little too long. The movie is basically two hours of people being the absolute worst; verbally, emotionally and physically abusing one another; with tiny glimmers of hope and empathy, buried under miles of trauma and regret. It reminds me a bit of a film I watched a few years ago called Tyrannosaur (2011), another tough watch.

4/5 - I like this sort of thing. Difficult movies are where it's at.

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I played a bit of Audiosurf in July...and a few minutes of a Quake 1 expansion pack in August...

So, no.

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My first job was data entry at a telemarketing call center. I transferred everything from the paper records into the computer database.

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I don't listen to music on vinyl. For me, nothing beats having my music stored on my computer / phone, immediately available and on shuffle when I want it.

I don't like any of the ritual, storage, wear, etc. that comes along with physical media. I don't want the cover art, I don't want the liner notes, I don't want the "warmth". None of it is appealing. Similarly, I'm not a fan of the smell, feel, look, or wear of old books - put that shit on a tablet.

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@badnews: I might have something to post tomorrow, gotta go find my Wacom though, it's in a storage box at the moment.

But, if you want to take a stab at the idea I have, here's a text description with a few examples:

Crunchyroll-Hime is super-excited, GB-hime is just as excited, veering on the edge of manic. Crunchy also has some good action poses, GB is all about action. Possibly a more action-y leaning forward pose. Red, White and Black color scheme to match the site. Oculus Rift on the top of her head, like goggles. Regular black t-shirt under an open track jacket. Track pants. Ryan-Davis-Approved neon-eye-sore sneakers.

Hair: Whatever kind of hair, but within it, a bomb fuse (or fuses). Alternatively, dreadlocks that look like bomb fuses. Star shapes at the end of the fuses.

Shirt: 1. Anime Is For Jerks shirt. 2. NEVER! shirt. 3. <> shirt. 4. An actual GB shirt.

Props: 1. A luchadeer staff, that is, the deer head and mask on a long pole. 2. A half eaten cake being dropped, because action poses. 3. A Nintendo Zapper (in a holster?). 4. CBS eyepatch. 5. The Sims phone charm attached to the jacket collar. 6. Chie-style pins on her jacket (Space Invaders, Sinistar, Capcom Yashichi). 7. Sports wrist-band. 8. White Shutter Shades.

Something like that. Just sort of throwing a lot of ideas out there. Gonna try drawing it myself tomorrow, but there are a few ideas if anyone else wants to give it a go. :)

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@bisonhero said:

Hey guys, I haven't watched anime since I finished watching Hikaru no Go. Have I missed much?

You've come to the right place...

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@bocam: I'm watching the 2014 show first per recommendation of the MAL forums. They say Fate/Zero spoils all of the plot twists in Fate/Stay Night. I'll eventually see all of it. :D

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Watching the 2014 Fate/Stay Night now. I started with the prologue episode, which was wholly unnecessary, but I think I'm on board after having watched episode 1. I hope they start explaining things soon.

I've also started watching Planetes. The MAL page for it says Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi, so I was expecting a serious and somber show. Turns out it's a comedy more than anything. Even though it wasn't what I was expecting it's still pretty good so far. Perhaps it gets more serious further in.

Lastly, since this is a new thread, I shall state that I'm over here on that MAL shit. Just saying. It's not like I want you to add me or anything. Baka~.

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Finished the first season of Stand Alone Complex. It got really good. Hard to follow at times and unevenly paced, but good.

Also, Tokyo Ghoul was some good stuff too and I assume the second season will be even better now that the MC has awoken.