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The Rose of Versailles was great! Only complaint would be that the end seemed hurried. The last episode wraps things up with someone just explaining to someone else everything that had happened recently, showing only short snippets from the events. I would have preferred those events to have been full segments like the rest of the series. Little flashback segments aren't as interesting as proper episodes.

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Nothing? No one has ever said anything funny in a game with voice chat.

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The people I know who don't like video games(ers) are usually the people who are way too into hunting, like you know they get off when they shoot the deer with a high powered rifle, to each his own I suppose.

Or in my case, the people I know who like hunting also like video games. For example, Dave, who sports a handlebar moustache, drives an American-made truck, and has a southern drawl, also love video games. He alternates between hunting seasons and Diablo 3 seasons. Between sleeping in a tent with a gun and running rifts as a level 500+ paragon wizard.

The world is full of all types. It is a place of mystery.

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Mahjong Legend Akagi - Hmm. It was great, until that ending. They could have wrapped up so much better than that. As it is, the final competition gets drawn out episode after episode, only to end with a cut mid-fight, to a shot of the MC walking down the street, followed by a fade to black. That's not an ending! It should have continued to the bitter end. Instead of dragging out the early events of the last competition like they did, the rounds should have been shorter, ending with a proper ending wherein the outcome is shown in all it's schadenfreude-y goodness.

That aside, I liked the series. I'd watch a season 2.

Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light - This was also good, but kinda like Garden of Words, suffers from being too short. it also has an abrupt ending of sorts, and instead of opting for a truly touching and tragic ending, they went the "whoops!" route. For instance, they mention that Gin ages at a substantially slower rate than Hotaru. With that, they could have had Hotaru grow-up into old age. She could visit the forest less and less, initially for typical life reasons and later for health reasons. Eventually she finally returns, wanting to spend what time she has left with Gin. Finally they can embrace each other and leave this world together. Even that sounds like a way better ending to me than what they did, which was basically, "Hey, we're about the same age now. Oops, I touched a random passerby, so I guess I'm disintegrating. You should probably hug me before I disappear lol." Seriously. Haha.

The Dog of Flanders (1997 movie) - Speaking of touching and tragic endings, here you go. This had one and it was great! I only have minor nitpicks - because I'm a jerk and I can't leave anything alone - but nothing worth elaborating on. Anyway, this makes me wanna watch the 1975 series.

The Rose of Versailles - ep 1 - 6 - I'm enjoying this. Also, the intro song is some good stuff.

Hanamaru Kindergarten - ep 1 - 2 - There's some really cute stuff in here so far. Like, just the way Anzu traverses things is cute. Hiiragi's cat pajamas. The fruit-shaped school buildings. Hiiragi and Ken-chan's battle of knowledge. That amazing episode 2 ending, Space Hanamaru Kindergarten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i42jGBZj2-0 - so yeah, I like it, it's fun. Time to find out if it can keep that up for 10 more episodes.

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(but I couldn't because my heart is a million year old frozen rock)

If you want to try picking away at that rock, might I suggest AnoHana, The Dog of Flanders, Clannad After Story, Furiko (short), Grave of the Fireflies, Wolf Children, and Millennium Actress. Perhaps one of those, or maybe all of those in serial will break that rock, or at least put a crack in it. :P

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I like the Samson C03U. I use it for Youtube videos and singin' on mah songs.

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Akagi - just finished episode 13 - So far, I like it more than One Outs, but not as much as Kaiji. Needs more zawa zawa. Anyway, it's pretty good so far.

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Mardock Scramble: The First Compression - Well, that was weird. I watched this one simply because it had a character in it named Welldone the Pussyhand. From the first few minutes I was expecting it to go all Ghost in the Shell on me, but it became like a lesson in consent, trauma, and boundaries instead; followed by a courtroom drama for a brief moment and then a gunfight against a group of weirdos.

I guess I have to watch the two follow-up movies now.

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