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I generally only play things once. It's the same with movies and stuff too. Occasionally I'll repeat something to share it with someone else though, or if it's simply been a long time since I last watched/played it.

But for the most part, one and done is the way to go.

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Welcome to the NHK - ep 10 - I'm liking this, this seems pretty good. It seems like it's heading towards a bittersweet resolve.

Mononoke - ep 1 - This seems awesome from what I've seen so far.

Code Geass R2 - ep 4 - The same issues I had with season 1 still seem to be here, but I'm not very far into it, so maybe it gets great later.

Hellsing Ultimate - ep 1 - I'm not liking this one bit. The goofiness and the music are the worst. The dialogue and the delivery of said dialogue are the second worst. The permanent grins, the glowing glasses and eyes, and the constant close ups and dramatic camera angles are the third worst. It feels like it's the fake anime you see the MC of a real anime watching, and laugh at because it's so bad...but in this case it's real and real people like it. I'll continue watching it, but so far I'm not seeing the appeal.

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AnoHana - That was great, very sweet. I'll probably watch the movie version of it tomorrow.

I made some more progress into D-Frag too, ~ ep 5 ~ and it's continuing to be funny.

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@azrailx said:


AnoHana is going to crush your emotions, its not cute you fooooool!

Haha. I'm a few more episodes in and the impending arrival of the feelstrain at me station is becoming more apparent.


I enjoyed the last 4 episodes, and it seems like things are moving along nicely now.

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One Outs - It was pretty good, but it failed to really blow my skirt up. Tokuchi got more talkative and the games got higher stakes which was great, but it never got crAaAaaaAaazy...and I wish it had. I liked it though.

Jojo: Stardust 2 - episode 6 - It's starting to feel like the Jojo series and I should part ways. Or maybe I'll just wait until the whole season is done and binge watch it, I'm not looking forward to the weekly installments anymore.

AnoHana - episode 3 - I'm liking this so far, it's cute. Feels a bit fast, like they're moving through the content too quickly though, I dunno.

D-Frag! - episode 3 - This seems good too. I've enjoyed a lot of the humor thus far.

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@hamst3r: The only thing truly comparable to One Outs is Akagi, a series about a mahjong prodigy. It's essentially the exact same main character and like One Outs it puts a heavy emphasis on the gambling side of things than it does on the game side of things. I for one really like One Outs. It's not one of my all time favorite series but as far as anime featuring sports it's up there. Not enough good sports shows feature a wholly badass main character so it's one of those things that's easy to let slide.

Yeah, I'm on episode 15 now and it's definitely improved from where it was. It just wasn't doing it for me at the start there. I could ramble for days on how I feel about this and that, so I'll just say I like where it's going.

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One Outs - Episode 8:

Indeed it is.

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I'm watching One Outs - 06 - It's no Kaiji, or even Death Note yet - and maybe those are the wrong comparisons to be making, I don't know - but It's slowly pulling me in. So far I feel like I'm too removed from Tokuchi, the MC. The show is filling me in on all the information via the characters surrounding Tokuchi, but that process is slow because the characters have to figure out what he's even doing before they can explain it to me. Which also doesn't do much to build empathy or understanding for Tokuchi either.

The show also cuts away from stuff. Like; I want to see the batter miss, rather than just before the ball is about to make contact with the bat, there's a sudden fade to white. Why can't I see the miss? Unless the show has some huge twist further in where it's like, "Actually, he's been in a coma for 20 years, and his brain was uploaded into a virtual world in which he keeps reliving his failures as a baseball player but in the virtual world he has the ability to alter his perception of the past, but since that's not the true nature of the memory, he just whites out over the conflicting information!" Or maybe it's magic / superpowers. But I don't think it's doing that. I think it's just not letting me see the batters miss the pitches. :P

Also, I hope Tokuchi becomes more than the Jotaro-esque "so cool and aloof smart guy" character he seems to be so far. Anyway, probably still too early to give the series too much shit, and it's not like I'm not into it, I'm just always evaluating what I'm watching and these are the thoughts that have gone through my head in the first 6 episodes.


I'm also rewatching all of the -monogatari stuff for reevaluation and better understanding. Bakemonogatari is still great. Nisemonogatari is still just okay, upon revisitation.


I'm on episode 40 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Julian catching up on the history of everything. I'm enjoying the show, but I feel like the pacing and timescale of what's shown could be improved greatly to make the show more interesting. Or maybe it's more like, while the content is interesting, it feels like it's been strung together in the least interesting way possible. There are better ways to tell this story, based on the 40 episodes I've seen.


Lastly, I'm watching Hajime No Ippo - ep. 20 - This is good stuff. Per usual, I don't care much for the humor, but I like the training and the fights. It's got a lot of good forward momentum. I feel it's safe to expect great things further in.