Small Business Man: The Music Video

Let's get down to business. Wizard business.

If you've been listening to the Bombcast lately, then you should be familiar with all of this "Hey, Small Business Man" nonsense.

After Effects and dubstep, y'all. Or is it electro? I don't know, dude. Like I know anything about music genres. What I do know about though are wizards. Wizards have beards. Wizards wear hats, when appropriate. Wizards own robes. Wizardry rhymes with Lizardry, which is a real word.


P.S. Wizardry also rhymes with Jizzardry, which isn't a real word, but should be.


Makin' Music Up In Here: Departures & Other Delights

Months. Months have passed since I released a new track as I've been busy watching anime and cataloging the anime that I have watched. I also did some animated text for a tv commercial about recycling. That Cube video from the last blog did really well too, but whatever, it's time to listen to a new track!

I'm flexing my indie rock muscles this time, with some bouncy guitars and toy instruments on top of a slammin' 4/4 drum beat. That happens later in the track though. Before that, we dive into a nice bed of ambient guitars, commodore 64 noises, and music box melodies in a 3/4 time signature.

There's a lot of stuff going on in this track, it goes places.

Check it out:

MP3 Download: THA-departures.mp3


OH! And I totally forgot to mention that I started up a secondary Youtube channel for featuring my older music tracks that never made it onto my main channel. Old stuff, unreleased stuff, alternate mixes, demo versions, joke songs, etc. It's all going onto the Hamster Alliance Music Archive.

Check it out: THA Music Archive



I Made A Video About Video Game Graphics

I like how video games look, so I made a video about video game graphics, using squares and cubes. The video is called Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics. That is the name of the video.

Here it is. This is the video. You can watch it now. Right here:

EPILEPSY WARNING: There are also some rapidly flashing lights in this video.

That was the video. Did you watch it? I hope you did watch it. The video, I mean.

...okay I'll stop typing like this now. Really. Like, right now. Okay. Done.

This idea has been rattling around in my head for about a year now. I started writing the ideas down back in April and the idea has seen many permutations since then. Once everything was (pretty much) locked down it only took about a month to animate the video and score the audio.

It was primarily done in Adobe After Effects with a bit of Adobe Premiere and Source Film Maker usage. The audio was done in Reaper with various VST plugins and samples. The end sequence was done by strapping an iPhone to my forehead...

In fear of setting the bar too high for myself, creating more work than I could possibly do, I had to draw the line somewhere, so a lot of games I had ideas for didn't make it into the video. Stuff like Vectorman, Starfox, Doom, Parappa, and CandyBox had to be left out. I guess there's nothing stopping me from making a sequel at some point though.

Anyway, that's Cube. I can stop thinking about cubes now and go back to just playing video games.


Bringin' Ya A Big Poptastic Tune With "Neon Glow" - Also, This Is My Sexy Voice

You'll know it when I'm talking to you with my sexy voice...which is unsurprisingly the same as my creeper voice. There's no difference really, with the voices or the actions that transpire when either voice is used. I should work on that.

Anyway, I'm back, doing my pop music thing again with big vocals and catchy melodies. Also trying out a more breathy voice and some falsetto layers for the verses. All this poptasticness is spread atop a delicious crumpet of harsh grinding synths, filled with a thick 808 beat custard. Sub-Bass Glaze.

There There's also a bit of a sci-fi theme going on with the lyrics.

Check it out:

MP3 Download: THA-neonglow.mp3

Do check out my previous blogs if you missed out on them and their juicy aural innards.



New Music: The Stranger...

Be wary of the man with no name. You will recognize him by the drum machine on his hip. He's also carrying a saxophone, a bouzouki, a violin, a grand piano - not sure how he gets that one up on his horse - a slide guitar, a ukulele, a waterphone, a vibraslap, a didgeridoo, and a few other assorted odds and ends. The dude is kind of weird, I mean I don't know, just be careful if he ride in to your town.

This track is a mish-mash of sounds, but I think they work together quite well. What started off as a mostly Greek Folk music sounding piece turned into hip hop, got darker and kept taking on new non-Greek instruments until "The Stranger" happened.

MP3 Download: THA - The Stranger.mp3

Also, the video above features that there new-fangled Audiosurf 2. I was playing with the Twisted Mono mod set to "Rainbow". I think it looks really nice like that. The "Headache" variant of Twisted Mono was a bit much, twisting and turning all over the place, nearly running into itself. If they'd make one that's somewhere in between the two they'd probably have the perfect mode. The corkscrews would benefit from being smoothed out a bit too.

Anyway, enjoy!

Definitely check out my previous post if you missed the last track: THA - What This Could Be. It's all big and pretty, like you. *wink*


Watch out, I'm going to pretty you to death... (With a hot-but-still-relaxing banger) (i.e., listen to my new track!)

I mean, what? Is that what this is? I don't even know what that collection of words really means, I just typed it out without thinking. All that brings to mind is some sort of breakfast sausage with sedatives in it. That aside, I do have this new track for you to listen to!

It's an uplifting track with a whole lot of stuff going on. It starts off with a piano and some slow swelling strings, building up into a big beat with a bunch of chops and stutters. After this it drops you into a wall of sound with big guitars, more strings, and an e.piano. There's also a violin doing it's soloing thing and then a new synth and an 808 and...okay, how about you just listen to it?

MP3 Download: THA - What This Could Be


In addition to this here music making, I've also been toying around in Unity, seeing if I can figure out how to make something video game. I think I can, it seems pretty easy so far, at least the easiest programming has ever seemed. I've picked out my simplest engaging game idea and will hopefully have something to show for it in a year or so if I don't give up.

I'm also left handed and have been practicing writing with my right hand. Feels super weird, but the writing is becoming legible. Soon, I shall be able to write with both hands simultaneously and nothing will be able to stop me. Well, nothing writing-based, at least. Maybe some sort of writing-centric super villain that shoots out mechanical pencil leads. Dr.Graphfight. I don't know.

Okay, I'm done now.


Hamst3r tackles Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Well. I forgot what I was going to say. How convenient. It was probably in regards to this here new Amnesia game, A Machine For Pigs. I bet it was about the fact that I opted to sit down and finish the game in one sitting and how I am currently in the process of editing and uploading videos showcasing what transpired during my time in the game.

Yup, that was probably it.

The original Amnesia made for quite a ride and I have record of that ride too. You can witness that nonsense here:

Video 2 is where the first monster encounter occurs. I remember it wet...I mean well. It was a water monster, or at least, there was a monster and it was in water...well, I mean, I assume there was a monster, I couldn't actually see anything, but something was in the water and it attacked me.

In the new Amnesia, no porcine hooves caress my body until Video 4, which is quite a long while in comparison. It's a slower start than the first Amnesia. That said, what it does do immensely well is tension. It dangles the dread above your head like a baby mobile made of raw beef and venomous spiders.

Jump cut.

Here are my exploits thus far in the world of pigs:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

That is everything thus far. I am editing and uploading the rest as expediently as possible, which is about two videos a day, which is pretty fast.



Check out my remix of the theme to Quake!

Quake Theme

I did a remix of the main theme from Quake recently. More accurately it's a cover version. Anyway, I wanted it to start out sounding very similar and then break out into some fresh guitar riffs and new melodies. Big drums, big guitars, big booms abound. It's a whole lot of stuff going on, packing quite a punch.

Here's a video, which is a mish-mash of the seizure-inducing Beat Hazard and Quake with the HD Remastered mod.

And here's an mp3 for ya: THA - Quake Theme Remix

If you're in the mood for something a bit gentler, you should check out my previous blog: I Wrote A Song About Secrets.


The Swapper

In addition to the remix above, I also just finished playing The Swapper. A neat puzzle game in which half of the puzzles felt way too easy, and the other half had me completely perplexed and angry at my computer monitor. Fun fun fun.

As for what's next on the list, I'd tell you, but I forgot.

Chroma Key

You might have noticed that the "green screen" effect in the Swapper video looks much nicer than usual. Well, that's because I bought some light reflectors, which helped even out all the green on the backdrop, allowing for easier removal.


I did some repositioning after taking these photos, so

it's actually more even than that bottom right image shows.

WOO! It's so nice now.


That's all for now.


I Wrote A Song About Secrets And It Has Vocals And Everything


Vocals vocals vocals. This one has a whole lot of vocals. It's also pop. Upbeat pop...but kind of relaxing too, if you can dig it. It's also about secrets. How mysterious.

The synths drive, the drums snap, the bass grumbles and the effects swoosh all around. There are also a few string and guitar bits thrown in for good measure. Oh and this is the largest vocal stack I've ever done, so yay for that.

Download: THA-Secrets.mp3

You can also check out the Lyrics here: THA-secrets.txt

Oh and...


...this thing was done for the "make us a youtube background" thread, but is also quite usable as a desktop wallpaper, so here ya go. Thanks to @jan for letting me use his demented 3D bomb face.


Road Trip - Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and more...

A good friend and I have been traveling around the USA, seeing the sights and eating the foods. Earlier this year we went through Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico. I made a video for that too, but it's kind of long. It's not paced very well either since there were days where I recorded a bunch and days where I recorded absolutely nothing. That was Road Trip 1. That's the past.

This blog is about Road Trip 2: Trip Harder: Origins. This time we went to Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana and saw Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Bear Country USA, Devil's Tower, the Smith mansion, Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Here are a few photos from the trip taken by Chris as most of my photos turned out really shitty.

The trip was a lot of fun and probably won't be the last trip we have this year either, as we keep finding new things to go look at. I want to do a trip where we go to each state and have their signature food item, like Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly. That sort of thing.

Anyway, here's the video for Road Trip 2:


If you know of any neat locations in Colorado or an adjacent state, lemme know. I learned about the arches in Rattlesnake Canyon today, so that's on my list of things to see, alongside "The Fang" and the Kremmling Ammonite Fossils.