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"Norway  Love: The Nature Hate: It's freaking cold.  What is up with everyone in the USA loving freedom? Are you any more free than Canada, or any other democratic state? "

I think that by cherishing the freedom they think they have, Americans won't focus on the freedoms that they are deprived from on a daily basis? Or the fact that they have systematically and hypocritically deprived other nations around the world, throughout history of their freedoms and continue doing so? Dunno, they're a fucked up place to live.   
Love: The weather, the quality of our poets and writers, the history, Manoel de Oliveira, the food, the women, the ocean and the beaches, nightlife is the best, drinking and smoking age is 16(as am I :D),  spices and shrooms are legal to purchase, carry and smoke.
Hate: Some idiosyncrasies of our customs, slowness, incapability and corruption of the judicial system, Cristiano Ronaldo, suburbs, African and Eastern European immigrants and the fact that a Portuguese man invented the lobotomy...and got the Nobel prize for it xD

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If rumors that she is a hermaphrodite are true, she can.  
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Space unicorn :D

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@Brockly46 said:
"I hit Jack and Miranda on my playthrough. Playa? I think so "
Nah, to be a playa you'd have to hit them at the same time. :D
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"Actually, you can get with as many as you want...just have to wait for after the end and make sure they're still there.  Also, you can't have gotten with them before and moved on, they won't take you back once you've shut them out.
To answer the first question:

Thanks a lot. It was pretty nice of you to include spoiler warnings for other people who want to stay in the dark :D  
 I'll probably end up banging Jack, she seems like a pretty brutal lay ;) Although Tali would be interesting though. How does the whole human and quarian bodily fluid swap work, and how can Tali survive out of the suit(or do you dry hump her suit)?
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Hey guys, I'm about 8 hours into Mass Effect 2 and I'm loving it. I'm playing as a male Shepard(who chose a relationship with Ashley in ME1) and I wanted to know who you can bang and if you can bang several characters.

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@KaosAngel said:
" @MAN_FLANNEL said:
" You guys hear about that new band from Haiti?  New Block on the Kids. "
Already used in here. "

Yep, good try though, dude.
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When I bought myself a 20$ card I bought Braid and Trine. Both cost 10 bucks, felt like a nice deal. Braid is amazing- it's a platformer that messes around time, really beautiful artwork on the levels, the music is very soothing and appropriate and the story is really interesting, really makes you think. It's quite challenging though to find all the puzzle pieces but it's a lot of fun and a pretty unforgettable experience. Trine is a lot of fun. It's a side-scrolling platformer(relies a lot on physics similarly to LittleBigPlanet in a way) that also has a really unique art design.
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" @hardcorebunnni: Its official, your going to hell - but dammit thats funny "

I'm fine with Hell, just don't send me to Haiti. xD
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@tiwi said:

"No. do you have any idea how many that died? MORE THAN 9/11, and we can't joke about 9/11 "

What's Osama's favorite sports team? The Jets! 
And for all you haters, here are some more jokes a friend and I cooked up: 

How do you get 50 Haitians in a phonebox? Tell them its structurally sound.

What has 10,000 legs and arms and is five feet tall?
Port-Au-Prince Hilton.

After the worst earthquake in 200 years the capital of Haiti is leveled. Damage estimates are in the tens of dollars.

Whats Haiti's national first person shooter? Quake.(shout out to all you videogame playas!!)

Haiti was in a horrible state. Most of the buildings in ruins. Everyone fighting over food and water. A huge number of people where homeless. The sanitation, nonexistent, human filth everywhere. Haiti was the embodiment of death, violence, and poverty.

And then the earthquake hit.     
Heard about the latest Haitian boy band?

New Blocks On The Kids......      
What's a Haitian's favorite breakfast? Quaker's oatmeal. 
Okay that's pretty much all I can think of for now. Should I post some more or should I wait for the dust to settle?