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My wife's grandfather is a pro wrestling fanatic from Houston and I've had a ton of conversations with him about wrestling in the south. According to him, there are a lot of old timey wrestling fans that support the local promotions and just ignore everything WWE does. However, I'm watching it again right now and the place seems packed.

As per usual, I seem to have enjoyed the PPV a lot more than most, but it definitely wasn't a home run by any means. I liked seeing Randy Orton back, but I felt that the match and Orton's spot both felt a little awkward. I expected much more of a pay off from Orton's return after all of the delays and assumed he was going to factor into the main event. I really enjoyed the Stardust and Goldust match and am hoping that the feud results in a damn good match at Wrestlemania. I enjoyed the tag match enough to cause my wife to make fun of me while I celebrated with Kidd and Cesaro. The power of friendship prevails! The Nikki and Paige match was better than expected, but I wasn't expecting much. BNB vs. Ambrose was quite good and I think they can do something interesting with the storyline. I was fooled by the Wyatt shenanigans. I thought that was really well done. Cena vs. Rusev exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I have not been that emotionally invested in a US Title match since Eddie won it in '03. Every week I find myself becoming more of a Rusev fan and not even in the usual "I like whoever is beating Cena up!" way. If they do the build to the rematch even moderately well, it should be entertaining! The main event was pretty good! I didn't expect them to have the match end like that, but Roman stepped it up and Bryan killed it.

I don't think I've posted since watching the most recent Takeover and the NJPW New Beginning (HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WATCH THIS MUCH WRESTLING?!) in Osaka PPV. Both were really really good!

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@corevi: That's the one! Although based on the current reactions to Reigns, the repeatedly punching him to death might work as well.

I know this is preaching to the choir, but after watching this week's NXT I am super excited for Takeover. I don't think I've enjoyed any wrestling as consistently as the Takeover events from this last year.

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Lesnar beats Reigns in WM ME, breaks his back Death of Superman style, takes the belt to UFC and defends against Punk. There's my fanfiction for WMplaysign.

In all honestly, I'm just kind of excited about a tag team division where I might see Ryback and Ziggler vs. Cesaro and Kidd. I also really enjoy this Curtis Axel stuff. Him pointing at the sign had me losing it.

On a non-WWE note, I finally watched WK9 this week and loved it. It was the first time I had ever seen a full NJPW show. Friends have been sending me single matches for years and I know the bulk of the players, but the entire thing blew me away. I saw Kenny Omega wrestle live years and years ago and it's insane to see what he has become. Top notch show all around.

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I really don't think it was the worst Rumble ever which seems to be the internet consensus, but it was a weird show. The undercard was very lacklustre, the triple threat was amazing, and the Royal Rumble match was very poorly booked. I had my usual PPV party of a couple people who catch most PPVs, a couple people who catch a couple PPVs a year, and a couple people that were only here to drink and laugh at the absurdity of wrestling. I'm the only one that keeps up with the weekly shows.

Nothing captured anyone's attention until the triple threat match. The title match was amazing. I would have been happy with that match as a WM main event. A lot of my friends came in not knowing Rollins or only knowing him as "the shield guy with weird hair" and left as Seth Rollins fans. Brock really impressed everyone as well. The quality of this match set the bar really high for the Rumble and I feel like it should have after the Royal Rumble match itself.

The way the actual Royal Rumble match was handled was confusing. I really enjoyed the Bray Wyatt stuff and I would have felt better about Daniel Bryan being eliminated like that if the end of the match had been handled differently. I'll watch it sober today and see how it flows, but it felt very janky. Bray was the only one with any sort of momentum and everyone here got behind him, but the way they had Kane and Big Show clear people out at the end was horrible. The spectacle that followed with them trying to use The Rock to put Reigns over and the crowd losing it was the most entertaining part of the entire Rumble match.

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I feel like every time we get a story about WWE taking signs away, kicking people out and stuff like that we almost always end up with the other side that the people were being assholes.

Exactly. I wouldn't take a Wrestlezone article like this as gospel just yet.

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Who the hell decided to start that PPV on such a high note? Even my wife stuck around for "Pasta hair against dirty guy" as she called it. I realize that it wasn't great for the technical wrestling crowd, but it was amazingly entertaining.

Then the night just kind of slopped along. The tag match was underwhelming and so was the rest of the night. I like Reigns more than most internet fans, but I'm not really looking forward to him main eventing WM31 which seems almost certain at this point.

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I've been playing pretty much daily since the original beta and I really enjoy the GvG changes. I haven't spent enough time to really know what my new favourites are, but I'm having a lot of fun with the new cards.

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Do not give this person your money.

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Cesaro hating on Quebecers when Raw was in Montreal was the best promo of the year.

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I started reading the thread and then everyone started arguing so I'm just going to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STAR WARS.

I'm officially hyped. I'm one of these "old timers" and I think it looks great. Super excited!