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We already have GTA. Saint's Row should continue to be crazy.

That's how I feel. I had a ton of fun with the first three games, but the fourth was exactly what I wanted out of it. There are enough "beat up other human dudes" open world games as it is.

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So does someone need a certain number of forum posts to be a gamer? X amount of convention lanyards?

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I just don't consider someone who plays FIFA 95% of the year a gamer, sorry dude.

You don't get to decide which games count and which games don't. Stop being a jerk.

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As a huge Diablo fan, I picked up the PC version of D3 on release day and loved it. I eventually grabbed D3 for PS3 on sale and was very pleasantly surprised. Picked up RoS on PC the day it came out and put another few hundred hours into it and then yesterday I grabbed D3: UEE for PS3 and am loving every minute of it.

Like a few others have said, it's a drastically different experience on console. While it's the same game at the core, I still continue to play both PC and PS3 versions depending on what I'm looking to get out of it. Hell, I'll probably pick up the Ultimate Evil Edition AGAIN when I eventually get a PS4.

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I have a beautiful wife, a healthy son, and a nice house with a decent amount of land. I don't live extravagantly, but I also don't go without.

I'd call myself successful.

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Wolfenstein 3D

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Hey small business owner!

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It sounds like you don't like South Park, so it makes sense that you wouldn't enjoy the South Park video game.

Also, you sound miserable.

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I'm a normcore OG. BEEN LAME

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Still just playing PC/PS3 games. I really like what they have done with the PS4, but the games aren't there to justify the cost yet.