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I hereby presents "Naityaorne" (Dual Dagger Rogue)... Picture Spam incoming...

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Currently reading "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison and "Inherent Vice" by Thomas Pynchon.

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Here is mine:

A05K02Y71659SRN2 ("Just enter this code at the eShop of any (North American region) 3DS, and your FREE download of Mighty Gunvolt will be ready to go!")

Have fun!

(It seems the code has been taken by now. Hopefully it was a member of the community.)

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PS4 and still hoping for a PS4 port of Persona 4 Golden otherwise I have to buy Playstation TV to be able to play it on a big screen...

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The third time... Not bad for a game which I didn't really liked after it's initial release.

Now after the patches and RoS I consider it my "perfect" podcast game.

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@humanity said:

Planescape is a much better story than game so it's more a question of just how interesting do you think the plot is. Interesting enough to plow through some questionable game design?

If you do plan on going through with it then let me tell you that it's a very unique and quite satisfying story. Also from a gameplay perspective two things will help you out - be a Mage and dump all your points into intelligence. That and talk to everyone constantly - and be prepared that they'll have plenty to tell you. Being a Mage somewhat trivializes combat later on as you become insanely powerful and having a ton of intelligence unlocks more dialog options which help to flesh out the story and learn more about your companions.

I would second this and further recommend this modding guide.

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Grave of the Fireflies...

*drops mic*

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@makie: A cleaner translation would be:

"It is a shame that the rest of the industry ignores the First World War. At least "Valiant Hearts" doesn't do it and therefor we should be a little bit grateful."

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Okay, I'll join this celebration of friendship as well. Please feel free to add me:

Steam ID: Harlech Quinn

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Usually "Full Shutdown". "Standby" only after buying games digitally.