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NWN 2 just for Mask of the Betrayer.

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@mideonnviscera: Fair enough. But if we go by the classic trinity of "Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll" or Rock n' Roll as an "glorified" way of self destruction I still think I have a point ;)

And the question if his music sucked is as always just a matter of taste, I really like his country album "Carnival of Excess" for example.

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The last "real" rock star was GG Allin...

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Went with A...

@andorski: Recently upgraded to $175... They successfully exploited my weakness for plushies...

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You own 394 games worth: $5,082.97 USD

If you bought all these games on sale it would have cost: $1,620.61 UD
You spend an average of $14.40 USD ($4.10 USD) per game.

Hmmm, I guess I play buy a lot of games...

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I was driving through Vice City while listening to Jan Hammer's "Crockett's Theme", and at some point I accidentally flipped the car and landed on the roof on a beach. And while turning the camera in circles and watching the pink/purple sunset the car exploded at the exact moment the song faded out.

It was fucking magic...

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Besides the "Classics" I would also mention "No one lives forever 2", man I really like this game.