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Poll: Steam users with hundreds of games. Do you have them all installed or only the ones you currently play? (252 votes)

I have all of my Steam games installed. They stay that way so I don't have to download them over and over again. 6%
I only install the games I'm currently playing (then uninstall when done). 49%
Once I'm done with a game I leave it installed So it builds over time. 17%
Other (I HAVE to uninstall games because my drive lacks the appropriate space to store all my games) 28%

I have over 300 Steam games and I'm wondering if I should have them all installed on a HDD dedicated to games (1TB drive) or just leave the drive like 90% empty and only install the games I'm playing to keep Windows from having a heart attack?

#1 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I usually install games as I get them. I only end up uninstalling games only when my hard drive space is being taken up.

#2 Posted by PsychoPenguin (199 posts) -

Yeah, I install games as I get them and if I'm not planning on playing a game again I'll uninstall it when I finish/get tired of the game. The saddest games are the ones that I install, never play and then uninstall when I get a better game that I feel like playing more and don't have enough disk space.

Currently I have about 25/200 games installed.

#3 Posted by BeachThunder (13135 posts) -

I have about half installed. I have been uninstalling things recently because games take up space D:

#4 Edited by Pr1mus (4102 posts) -

I suppose if i had enough space everything would be installed but at the same time i still have enough space for many more games so i really don't know. I tend to keep some games just in case or because i like some of them enough and think that i might want to replay them one day. Like Deus Ex Human Revolution, i finished it only once when it came out but never uninstalled it because i keep thinking one day i'll want to play it again.

I guess the real answer is that i'm completely inconsistent about it because now that i think about it there are definitely games i don't have installed that have way more chance of being played again then some already installed. I sorta stopped caring about it when my ISP started offering unlimited data plans.

#5 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6287 posts) -

I install games as I play them, then uninstall the ones I know I'll never go back to.

#6 Posted by Sin4profit (3170 posts) -

I install everything to a dedicated 2TB drive and uninstall games when i finish them and know i probably won't play it again.

...and now that you bring it up, i should really play through Star Wars The Force Unleashed..that's suckers 25Gb

#7 Posted by Animasta (14820 posts) -

God no. I only have 50 gigs left on this 1TB drive, and I only have... 25% of my games installed. I could install some to my tertiary drive (which is slower) but that is also almost full.

#8 Edited by DonutFever (3804 posts) -

What I'm playing + my favourite games.

#9 Posted by audioBusting (1728 posts) -

I have about 40/275 games installed. I install games I'm currently playing and planning to play soon, just so I use my download cap before it gets renewed.

#10 Posted by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

I have 2 1 TB drives but I still uninstall my games when I beat them.

#11 Posted by Gruebacca (663 posts) -

When my library threatened to eclipse my HDD storage, I simply got a new hard drive. I don't expect it to get full for another few years.

#12 Posted by believer258 (12795 posts) -

I have a terabyte hard drive that was recently almost full of games. I uninstalled a good number of games that I simply wasn't playing, and now I have 32 of 143 games installed.

I keep more than just what I'm playing installed, though. There's a certain selection that I just don't uninstall, period, and some others that I plan on getting around to but haven't yet.

#13 Edited by CircleNine (390 posts) -

Of the ~300 games I have, I generally keep 30 or so installed. Those are the ones that I'd really want to play with any regularity. The others I'll just install as I want to play them.

#14 Edited by YapaPanda (148 posts) -

I have a main ssd to play games on so I only install games I am playing. Around 10 to 20 games at most

#15 Posted by TehBuLL (651 posts) -

I've got almost every game installed of my over 200 games. I've been spreading it out all summer and had to buy a 2nd 3tb drive. I do install new high graphics and/or demanding games on my SSD and then move them when that starts filling up.

#16 Posted by Slag (5532 posts) -

I've been meaning to get a hard drive large enough, but right now no. Got my multiplayer games on my SSD and a couple single player games I'm playing through atm.

#17 Posted by EXTomar (5029 posts) -

What usually happens is something happens to force an upgrade which "resets" what I have installed.

#18 Posted by GunstarRed (5817 posts) -

I have like 50 or 60 games and only about ten of them are installed.

#19 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

I pretty much keep things installed.

#20 Edited by Gantrathor (260 posts) -

Install when I want to play and then uninstall when I'm done.

I feel like a digital pack rat when I have tons of space taken up on my hard drive.

#21 Edited by Maginnovision (525 posts) -

I install when I buy the, usually. I uninstall when I lose interest in playing them, usually before I play them.

#22 Edited by wemibelec90 (2105 posts) -

My current tendency has been to uninstall them, as I like a nice clean hard drive and desktop. However, I just had a data cap instituted on my Internet, so I'm thinking I won't actually uninstall things anymore. I don't want to have to wait a week or more to reinstall something when I want to play it.

#23 Edited by EveretteScott (1595 posts) -

I only uninstall if I HAVE to. Which hasn't happened since I had my last computer. The one I've had currently for a few years, I have about 130+ games on Steam/disc/bought from other sites and still have plenty of room. I'd only uninstall a game if I really didn't like it and buying it was a bad choice.

#24 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (207 posts) -

My desktop has a two TB secondary drive. So right now I just leave the games as I install them since I have a ways to go before its filled. Also have seasons 6 to 20 of Top Gear UK on there too, along with 8 seasons of Mythbusters.....

#25 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

Well shit. My 1TB HDD I use for games just went bad (or so windows says). All while trying to download my entire library on it. Got to about 140 and a Hard Disk failure warning came up. So now I'm down to two 129GB SSD's which should be good enough to just have this or that installed.

#26 Edited by SgtSphynx (1801 posts) -

I only have games that I am either currently playing or may possibly get the urge to play.

#27 Posted by L1GHTN1N (781 posts) -

I own 458 games on Steam and currently have 9 installed, with a couple of them are about ready to be uninstalled. It has nothing to do with space for me (I have 358GB free of 465GB); I find that having only a limited number of games installed helps me focus on what games to play and finish, versus having everything there and getting overwhelmed.

Out of those there are only 2 games that I've had installed for longer then a month or so - Team Fortress 2 (which I've played for ~3 hours every month for the past few years) and Dota 2 (which I've played about 4-5 hours of every month for the past few months and much more before that).

#28 Posted by ajamafalous (12439 posts) -

Back when I only had a couple hundred, yeah, I had a separate 1TB drive with them (mostly) all installed. I'm up to 615 games now, which is obviously way more than can fit on a hard drive, so I just install games when I want to play them.

#29 Posted by Jrad (638 posts) -

I try to transfer the games I'm not playing to my HDD. I only keep a few on my SSD because of space concerns -- 240GB just isn't enough to keep a maintain a sizeable library -- nothing worse than coming home after a Dota 2 update to find your drive has 0 bytes of free space! I have a couple of 3TB drives though so I don't uninstall games when I'm done.

#30 Posted by Pocky4Th3Win (146 posts) -

I have 264 of my 758 games on Steam installed. I use a 2TB HD for my Steam Drive, I also have about 75 GOG installed as well.

#31 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

I install when I buy then uninstall when I'm finished with them. By finished I mean I finish the game or I'm finished with it.

#32 Posted by Omnomnivore (2939 posts) -

1/113 games installed. The one being Terraria (for 1.2). I am a victim of Steam Sales :(.

#33 Posted by NoelVeiga (1217 posts) -

Install as I get them, I'm very reluctant to uninstall for no good reason.

I have 264 of my 758 games on Steam installed. I use a 2TB HD for my Steam Drive, I also have about 75 GOG installed as well.

You and I have similar issues and should join a support group together.

#34 Edited by Pocky4Th3Win (146 posts) -

Install as I get them, I'm very reluctant to uninstall for no good reason.

@pocky4th3win said:

I have 264 of my 758 games on Steam installed. I use a 2TB HD for my Steam Drive, I also have about 75 GOG installed as well.

You and I have similar issues and should join a support group together.

I've tried... I even gotten married thinking that would help... but shes almost as bad as I am. :o

#35 Posted by VierasTalo (1080 posts) -

I have an SSD for games so I usually have around 20-30 installed out of the 450 or so.

#36 Posted by Hunter5024 (6358 posts) -

I have every game that I think I might want to play sometime in the near future installed.

#37 Posted by HarlechQuinn (455 posts) -

I have only the ones I am currently playing and the ones I plan to play in the near future installed.

#38 Posted by crithon (3527 posts) -

I have 38 games on my HDD, I usually play maybe 3 or 2 games a day. I'll spend a long time on one game in the weekend, most of the time it's for achievements.

#39 Posted by Natedogg2 (479 posts) -

I used to download everything. Then I noticed I had pretty much no space left on my hard drive. Now I only have about 15-ish games downloaded (five games I could play any time, the current game I'm playing, and the rest games that I'm part ways through, but I keep them installed because some day I may go back and finish them).

#40 Posted by Mijati (1020 posts) -

I only have 125 installed at the moment (out of >600). It's basically stuff I've played but I'm not finished with or am planning to play soon. Or just games that I like having installed if I want to jump in for a quick session (binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy etc.)

#41 Posted by Vanick (333 posts) -

I usually only keep the games I'm playing installed then uninstall them when I'm done.

#42 Posted by TobbRobb (5095 posts) -

I very rarely uninstall games, so they just stack up over time. I usually wipe my harddrive every 6 months or so though, so I currntly only have 6 games installled.

#43 Edited by StarvingGamer (9078 posts) -

E) Other, I only install games that I am currently playing or hope to play in the near future

#44 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2519 posts) -

I only install the games I want to play at the moment but it's more to do with living in Australia & not having Internet capable of just downloading a massive file on a whim.

#45 Edited by isomeri (1770 posts) -

I can't fit all my games on my SSD so I leave most or all of them uninstalled. With a decent internet connection downloads take an hour or so at most for larger games like Skyrim or Max Payne 3.

#46 Edited by Veektarius (5331 posts) -

I wish I could actually take games off my list entirely. Throw them out. I don't need to be reminded of how many I've bought.

#47 Edited by bobafettjm (1708 posts) -

I end up installing games and pretty much leaving them there until I notice how much space they are taking up on my hard drive.

#48 Posted by Sargus (762 posts) -

I'm one of those horrible people that will buy a lot of games during sales (or in Humble Bundles) that I never actually end up installing. But for the most part the things I have installed are the things I'm either playing or will theoretically come back to in the foreseeable future.

#49 Posted by Rorie (3378 posts) -

Switched to an SSD for games a while back, so I only keep the ones installed that I'm actively playing.

#50 Posted by Turambar (7156 posts) -

My steam library is still in the double digits, and I only have 5 installed right now.