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The 10 games I'm either playing now or looking forward to play as soon as I'm able.

last updated at 06/25/2011

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Interesting spread.  I love the visual style of the Planeswalkers stuff, but I have trouble with the actual Magic game, I think.  It's too bad they didn't get rid of the need to have wizards summoning stuff and actually let people explore the fiction a bit, since the worlds look really neat.

Posted by HaroldoNVU

This is so I keep a little focus and don't try to play more than I could at the same time.
You know what? That never occurred to me but it's a nice idea. I mean, when I started playing MtG it was around 7th edition, so I could never get into the fiction except for the stories my friends told me. But it seems that this setting is rich enough to award other kinds of games.

Posted by kalmis

Is it your first playthrough of  DA:O?

Posted by HaroldoNVU
@kalmis: That's right. About 50 hours in but I doubt I made it very far. I like to abuse the pause and command feature so combats end up taking really long.