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I ended up pulling the trigger on the DLC today. I've been kind of wanting to revisit these games, and I actually started from ME1 today. And now that I think about it, what @white_silhouette is saying makes a lot of sense.

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In some weird way, what the Vita has become is more interesting than what it was set out to be. As basically a second screen for my PS3/4, a way to play some old games, or take indie stuff with me. I don't know, I've thought more about buying one recently than I have in a long time. Maybe if they drop the price I'll bite, I suspect that's incoming anyway, right? Having years worth of PS+ back catalog doesn't hurt here.

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Sorry to hear things aren't looking up. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

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4 is actually the only one I ever really considered a good game. Maybe "good" isn't the right word. It's an interesting game. There's a ton of shit in there. It's like somebody emptied the dumptruck of half-formed ideas into that game.

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I think it's dumb as fuck for an MMO to not allow players to name their characters with names used by other players. The implication is in the world they've created, no two people have the same name. I understand the conceit for the obvious technical reasons, but just let the players use an account name or email for tracking purposes (I believe several games take this route now).

Personally, that's not a problem I run into, most of the games I play online don't feature character building like that. I try to keep my stuff universe appropriate when creating characters. Sometimes I use default names, if I like them. Evelyn, the suggested name, was what I used in Inquisition. I also have a few names that I frequently use.

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Famous bounty hunter Djenga Frett can't possibly be an accident.

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@flarephoenix: It's weird though, because it is a different thing than physical stores. A closer analogy would be a gym that you have a membership at. You're basically paying them to keep their doors open. If there were a day where an employee broke their key off in the front lock and nobody could enter the gym, would you expect compensation then? Maybe, but most people (like me) wouldn't notice. But if the gym was like, "well, we're giving a 10% discount on our premium back massages this weekend as an apology," I'm not sure I'd really buy it. Like I said, the extension makes sense to me. It's literally making up for what was taken away, possibly multiple times over. The 10% discount thing sounds like marketing spin.

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Man, ten percent kind of seems like a joke of an apology. Like, they're definitely not taking a hit on that, and it seems like it'll just end up making them a bunch of money. That doesn't really come off as "we're sorry" to me. I'm happier about the PS+ extension, which seems more substantial and fair. Not that I really care either way because I wasn't trying to get on PSN on Christmas day, so this is all just niceties to me.

I will say the flash sale this weekend has been somewhat tempting, but it's mostly stuff I've already played.

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That's good stuff.

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@secondpersonshooter: Yeah, I'm uncomfortable with the notion of doing anything that would fuck up this person's life. Assume they're a student, and they get caught, the best case scenario is that they're kicked out of their place. That's pretty shitty. Worst case scenario, they end up in jail or with fines and have to drop out. Smoking pot is just about the most harmless illegal thing somebody can do. I don't want to get this person in trouble. My guess is that they're just nervous about smoking with a window open because it'll get them caught, ironically it's keeping the windows closed that's going to get them caught.

I'll probably write an anonymous note and leave it by the mailboxes. If it persists, then I'll let the landlord know.