So....teeth pulled

So i finally have my tooth yank appointment set up again for tomorrow i don't get to eat or drink anything after midnight until 1 pm tomorrow. Hopefully Street fighter on like painkillers will still be fun.

On a side note i cant find a damn street fighter game pad and it makes me sad because i really want one because i sometimes feel like i don't pull off a move because the controller not because i am doing it wrong but because the analog and the D-pad on the 360 are not good enough.

I also unlocked all the characters on street fighter IV


Street Fighter

So after bring this to parties and all these things i absolutely love this game I've unlocked all the characters and i am now playing a bit online and i am completely addicted.

I played this with a bunch of friends at a party over the weekend and none of them have played since SF2 and they all seemed to really like it so i think that proves something right there.

Granted i kinda suck but i still enjoy it. Hit me up if you want to play on 360 Heartagram1028.


Why should i care?

Why should i care about Killzone 2?

I don't understand why everyone cares so much about a game that is a sequel to a less than stellar game.

It almost seems as if people are just excited because the game looks pretty and that apparently is supposed to mean something.

Maybe my mind will be changed when i play it but i just dont get all the hype and such when we have games like Uncharted 2,God of War III and iNfamous coming out on the PS3 This year.


Left 4 Dead

I just started playing this game a lot more now that i have some time and wow is it awesome. The Main negative thing is that i have no Xbox friends that play it. I have mainly been playing versus mode and that is so good when you have a team that communicates. There are few things that feel better than completely owning the survivors in one fell swoop.

I also maxed out the Fable 2 achievements now i just need to spend the money on the expansion.

PS. Fuck you Lionhead for making me buy the pub games for an achievement


Done with Fable

So i finished up fable 2 and i was kinda disappointing the ending seemed pretty much pointless but other than that i still absolutely love that game and i keep going back to it to get achievements and what not its just so darn addictive


More Fable

So i've been playing alot more fable and i still love that game.

I also started classes this week which i will attempt to elaborate on later when im not so tired i just figured i should post something


Fable II

So i booted up Fable II and wow is that game addictive.

I've started out as a good guy. Being nice to all the right people helping kittens out of trees and what not. I am so well liked by everyone that women follow me around asking me to marry them.

My character finds this quite annoying because he loves the cock. I just lose so much time just trying to get people to like me and doing little odd jobs for money.

I got this gun last night that does 90.0 damage and pretty much kills anything in 1 hit. I have probably played for about 5-6 hours so far and i have barely even touched the story line. Im so surprised at how much fun i am having with this game and i can't wait to play some more but i need to watch some football today.